Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Where to find the news

Following on from yesterday's post, there was a question from Natalie.

I have been meaning to ask for ages.....people say they read the papers on line. What do you type in to be able to do this? I've tried 'The Daily Telegraph' and all I get is selected bits and pieces - never the whole paper. Am I doing something wrong or is it only these selected articles that you get?

Hi Natalie. All newspapers have a home page, the same as any other web sites. This is where you want to be first. When you put Daily Mail into Goooglie, your search lists lots of different sections of the paper. If you know which part you want to read, you can go straight to it. If you want the front page you click on the first link which is usually, whatever.co.uk . When the home page comes up there are menu bars across the top listing all the different sections, from there you can navigate your way around it. When you find an article which catches your eye, click on it to read it. If you are looking for a specific article, something that someone may have told you about, enter the key words into the 'search this site' box, and it will come up with a list. If there are no results try putting in a different word.

Every page you go to will have the same menu bar across the top so you can flit from page to page. If you get lost you can go back to the home page and start again. Some papers are easier to read due to the size of the typeface and the layout. The Daily Mail is simple, articles are in boxes, there are lots of pictures, and they update it frequently. Beware though, it's more like a comic, full of z lister celebs, and big bosoms. Beware also, if you read the comments following an article, there are an awful lot of nasty people posting cruel remarks.

Have a look through several of them and see which ones take your fancy.

Daily Mail 
The Telegraph
The Guardian
The Independant
Mature Times

If you go to this site, British Media Online, it will give you a lot more links. You can also find your local newpaper online, or read any local paper in the country. Just put the name in Goooglie search. If you want to go back to a paper you like, put it in your Favourites box, then you won't need to go looking for it. Hope this helps, Natalie.
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  1. Can I make another suggestion? Check with your local library to see if they hold the Press Display database or anything similar. Living in NZ, I use my local library to access many of these papers via Press Display on the internet. I am able to read the whole paper, ads, inserts and all. Worth a try!

  2. Thank you for your help. Reading the papers online will enrich me enormously. Natalie

  3. Wow the Media Online link is great. Thanks! xx

  4. Yeah thanks a lot for that I spent a good hour and more reading the daily mail and the guardian which I've never read before I love free fun lol Louise