Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Yellow sticker Queen strikes again.

No no, don't all get excited, this is not my work. This beautiful cushion was lovingly stitched by one of our Monday Craft and Chat ladies. She finished the picture then decided to make it into a cushion. 
 Hours and hours of work have gone into it, I don't think I would have the patience.

Today I have been very busy. This morning there was no internet signal here, don't know what happened, so I got on with other jobs. I borrowed an electric hedge trimmer and tidied up all the bushes in the front garden. They were beginning to bug me, don't like straggly sticking out bits, and I like to keep my bushes within the boundary of my garden. If they start spreading over next doors garden and onto the footpath at the front, I chop them back. 
I fancied some pasta salad for lunch. It is quite expensive to buy ready made, so I thought I could make my own version a lot cheaper. Pasta twirls, with spring onions, celery, and pickled onions, chopped up into small pieces. Three spoons of tartar sauce. There is a big bowl of it in the fridge, I shall be digging into it over the next few days. It's very nice, I like cold pasta.  
More gardening this afternoon. I went to help Helen. We have decided not to chop back the cherry tree, because I can't reach the top branches. I've done all the lower branches and tidied it up a bit, but to reach higher will need extra equipment. I've tried the extending loppers but they still don't reach high enough. Looking around at other gardens, there are trees a good bit taller, so we think ours is alright. I took a load of branches and clippings to the tip, then called in at the small Tesco on the way home.

Look what I found. More yellow stickers. This little lot will last me nearly a week.

The Maris Piper potatoes were 95p, reduced from £2.63. I haven't had any potatoes for a while because I have been buying other vegetables cheaply. There are some big ones in the bag which will be great for microwaving. Two bags of spinach, 21p each. Five packs of vegetable selection, carrots, french beans, baby sweetcorn, and brocolli, 20p each, normal price £2. Grapes 56p. I'm well chuffed with this. I think I will start my yellow sticker page now. It would be a shame not to include these. £16.88 worth for £2.93. I'll get on and do it now. Someone asked for tips about yellow sticker shopping, I have written about it before, but I'll write another post soon. Toodle pip.


  1. What does 'Toodle pip' mean? Never heard it before.

    1. Hello. It means cheerio, or goodbye in a friendly way, or right I'm off then.

  2. The pillow is so beautiful! What talent your friend has - not to mention patience!
    I never have this kind of luck with yellow stickers. I supposed you have to go late in the day, but not too late.
    Thought you might like this post - the blogger shows such interesting ways to repurpose.


  3. I love that cushion, please pass on my compliments to the lady who made it. I know from doing this kind of work, how much time and patience is spent on something as lovely as this. I just LOVE the little cats with their spectacles!

  4. Hi Ilona, my daughter Morgaine is just about to write you a little note: I need to say I love Peter Rabbit more than you think!
    I play it outside everyday, and nothing can stop me! lol! :)

    Love Morgaine :)

  5. Yeah wow for some reason I'm always interested in how long your bargains will last you and I think how long will all that food last and then as I'm reading I find you say how long lol I think right I can stretch the food I've got then as well :) I tell you what this life is much more fun and interesting than the 9 to 5 when I first started reading your blog one thing I took notice of was when you said that in your early 50"s you'd had enough of working lots of hours and went part time I hear you on that I really like your honesty I think injoy Louise

  6. A nice stir fry or two, veg stew, veg curry.......and more all for £2.93p! Plus gas/electric costs.
    well done! Stores in Leicester area never seem to mark down stuff as low as your stores, perhaps I should move LOL!