Friday, 2 May 2014

Day 2. Towthorpe to Stockton Forest.

Hiya. Bit slow with the signal tonight, thought I might have to abandon the photo upload. I've persevered and managed to get them on one at a time. So where am I tonight? I was hoping to get to Strensall, north west of York, it was 6pm and the sign said 4 miles, and my feet were sore so I took a diversion and walked the one mile to Stockton Forest village, hoping to find a bed. There were two establishments in the main street to choose from. One looked as if it could be a bit pricey so I chose the other. I was probably right as I have an en suite room for £35 at Church View B & B. 
This morning I set off just after 9am after a filling breakfast. I continued north on The Yorkshire Wolds Way, heading towards Londesborough. I didn't linger in the village because I have been there before. This is the scene, lots of yellow fields at the moment.  
It was a sunny morning so I took a chance and put my shorts on. Thought it might be wise to slap some sun lotion on my legs and face, always the optimist. There were plenty of clouds about which wafted over covering the sun, then I was a bit cold, but I stuck it out because I didn't want to keep stopping and changing clothes. Oh, I am a hardy soul, ha ha.

These wonderful trees were at the entrance to a farm entrance, don't they look fabulous, I love the colours.  

It's nice to see that someone is taking care of the footpaths and renewing bridges and gates when they are needed. 
Follow the signs to Nunburnholme, so that's what I did. 
Then on to Millington. There is a tea shop in the village, the Travelers Rest. Lots of cyclists were taking refreshments. I was quite tempted to sit on the bench outside and eat my snack, but I don't think they would have appreciated that, I wasn't a paying customer. 
I carried on for a couple of miles and by now the Yorkshire Wolds Way had turned into The Minster Way. I was just thinking I would love to sit down but hadn't found anywhere, then like an oasis in a desert, I spotted this little church at Great Givendale, tucked away in the corner of a field, and look, it has a bench in the sunshine, perfect for a weary walker.
I tried the door and it was unlocked. 
By this time you might have guessed that I decided not to go to Pocklington after all. It would have meant too much road walking and I am trying to not walk on tarmac too much as I don't want my achilles tendon to flare up again. So a lot of footpaths on farm tracks and around fields today. Doncha just love brown cows.  
Bishop Wilton is a pretty village, with a small stream running down the middle of it. I noticed a village shop, time for a treat, a chocolate and toffee Magnum ice cream. Met some friendly people in the shop and had a nice chat. 
Then on to Youlthorpe and Full Sutton to Stamford Bridge. I didn't linger here very much either as I have been before and time was getting on. I saw on the map that there is a dismantled railway which went in the direction I wanted to walk, so I was hoping it had been turned into a path. Here is the viaduct that goes over the River Derwent. There must be a way to get up there somehow. 
This looks promising, it is going in the right direction. 
Yes, it joined the old railway line which has been tarmacked for pedestrians. But the disappointment when it stopped dead as it got to the main A166 trunk road. Oh bugger, it would be such a good route if they had taken it further. I had to walk along the main road for 20 minutes, then dodge the traffic to cross it and go down a side road. Time was getting on. When I got to the junction at Snowball Plantation I knew I had to go in search of a bed, that's when I turned off to Stockton.

I've been trying to check the mileage for today, but with the slow and intermittent signal the Bikehike site is not playing ball. Looking at the distance compared to yesterday I think it might be the same. I will check it tomorrow for an accurate figure.

What's the blister count for today, then? FOUR, yikes. I've been popping them and covering my feet with Germoline. They should have calmed down for tomorrow. Breakfast is at 8.30am, then I shall be heading towards Strensall and Easingwold and hoping to get to Thirsk. But who knows what will happen, you'll have to wait and see. It's late, must get my beauty sleep. Toodle pip.

PS. Thank you for your comments yesterday, I'll give you the bones, you can put the meat on it, ha ha. Thanks to those who googlied stuff for more info.

Edited again. Mileage checked. 20.80 miles, so I wasn't far out with my guess.


  1. Blue skies, pink trees, and yellow fields, wow. What a beautiful hike you are having. The little church looks like such a peaceful place to rest.

  2. There is nothing I love more than the trips you take us on. Thank you! If I ever make it across the pond it will be your blog that I refer to whilst out and about! :) You take the best pictures and I love the churches.

    Jake's a Girl

  3. Oh Ilona your poor feet..ouch. But what beautiful pictures. Have a good rest. If you need anything ask we are not far away. Debbie

  4. It's all looking so green and lush where you are.
    Night night.
    Jane x

  5. What a lovely day Ilona, I am travelling with you in spirit. I think about you as I go about my daily chores and walk to the PO with my eBay parcels.
    I am glad that the weather is good, I do not like to think of you walking in the rain.
    I am crossing my fingers and toes that it stays fine.
    What did you eat for your dinner, do tell.
    Love from Pam in Texas.

  6. You motivated me to walk to the local shops. I have just been walking close to my home due to an illness. But yesterday, despite cold weather, I walked alone to the shops and back. It was great. That was a simple thing to do before, but now i get concerned about things which can happen, and do happen. Thanks.

  7. Wonderful, wonderful- it is a joy to follow you!
    Have a well earned rest and a lovely breakfast!

  8. Wonderful trip. Right now you should be enjoying a nice rest. Have a lovely and well deserved breakfast.

  9. Mary in Perth Australia3 May 2014 at 05:29

    I am enjoying this so much. It's the first of your walks I have been with you (so to speak, from 12,000 miles away), and it has become a highlight of my day. I must check out your other walks when this one is finished.
    Some of my ancestors spent some time at Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, not far from your route yesterday.
    You seem to have been lucky with the weather so far, and good accomodation too.
    Sleep well and catch you tomorrow

  10. Fab. I feel like ,i'm having a little holiday too. Natalie

  11. How beautiful I love the countryside must be so quiet in some areas :) Louise

  12. I love following your journey. Laura

  13. Lovely views, when I did long distances I stuck a compeed gel pad on the balls of my feet, secured it with tape. Never got blisters and saved my pads from "singing" at the end of the day.........happy walking :)

  14. Your route is taking you through some lovely scenery. The little church is very pretty set amongst the trees. Hope the weather stays fair for you. Happy travels. Sarah.

  15. Such lovely pictures Ilona. I'm glad you are getting good weather for this walk. The little church and the village of Bishop Wilton are my favourites.
    Looking forward to your next update
    Jacquie x

  16. What a beautiful're wearing me out!

  17. I love, love, love your walks. Thanks for sharing them, and taking the time to write and upload when you must be tired in the evening.

    That photos of the little church is so clear. It looks so gorgeous. I will dream myself away to sleep with an image of myself sitting there in the sun.

  18. Amazing stuff - we live in these parts and I can't believe the mileage you are covering! I'm looking through my front window towards Easingwold, hoping you've coped with the frosty start this morning and are a tiny dot on my horizon.

  19. I really love the colour of that first tree in blossom Ilona!

  20. Jozef and I had an overnight camp last night . On the way back we had the same type of magnums for our treat too.

  21. Lovely pics again. So envious. Wish I could do what you`re doing. Maybe I will, in a few more years, sigh.

  22. This looks like a lovely part of your walk, I'll look forward to seeing the rest of it!

  23. Your posts quench a thirst out here in dry, dusty West Texas!

  24. Stunning pink trees and what a beautiful church. It is really nice to see the path being taken care of, so many are left to overgrow.

    X x


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