Friday, 23 May 2014

Waving the banner for the craft club

The banner is done. I haven't put a border around it because I don't think it needs one. I will ask the ladies on Monday if they think it would look better with a fancy border. If they say yes I will add one.  
The banner is an offcut from a pale yellow cotton bedsheet, donated by a member. The letters have been made by everyone. We agreed to an A5 size, in upper or lower case, in whatever materials we have. I tried to do close up photo's but there isn't enough light. The banner is two layers. I stitched the letters on one layer then sewed it together right sides in like a long pillow case, then turned it the right way, so the stitches wouldn't show on the back. After ironing the edges I ran a zigzag pattern around it with the machine in yellow cotton, to keep it flat. It is fastened on to a length of rope with small wooden clothes pegs.

Good news, I have spoken to the organiser of the church displays about the weekend of our village fete, and he has agreed to us having our crafting items on show in the church. That will be much better than setting a table up outside on the Green and risk getting things damaged if the weather is bad. So, it's all coming together nicely. I will collect items from the members and take them to the church on the Friday afternoon so they can be set up ready for the Saturday opening. I'm looking forward to this event  :o))
Have a nice Bank Holiday weekend.
Toodle pip.


  1. Your banner looks fabulous! Good luck with the event!!

  2. I think it does not need a border. It is perfect as it is. I hope it all goes well.

  3. That's a good day's work and hope you enjoy the event.

  4. Like the banner looks very inviting borders are old school ha :)

  5. The banner looks great and I am sure you will have a great event. Wish I was around to visit it.

    X x