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Sunday, 22 June 2014

A walk meet up with some forum pals

A new day a new start. I feel a lot better after a good nights sleep, and that's pretty much the same feeling I get every morning. I am a morning person, and sleep well. I've just checked the mileage for yesterday's walk, it was as I thought, more than 15 miles, the total was 18.5. A good achievement in my book. So, I was tired, now I am rested and looking forward to the day.
The first pic is starting to cross the Humber Bridge, looking back at the South Bank, my car is parked on the road under the bridge. The red brick buildings down there are the Old Tile Works, you might have read about them in a previous post. It looks like the place is deserted, I have a feeling they were pretty much flooded out during the massive tidal surge we had during the floods of December. The Reeds Hotel a bit further along the river was also flooded, there are big signs up saying closed till further notice. There is talk that it might never be opened again. It's a lovely morning for starting a walk.  
Looking ahead at the North Bank. The bridge is just over a mile long. I met runners, cyclists, dog walkers, and families with kids all out for their morning fun.

As I was meeting up with a couple of walking pals from the Walking Forum, I took the shortest route and cut a few corners by walking on the road. I have walked this area before so know it quite well, still carry a map though as you never know when you might have to take a diversion, and my memory is not that brilliant. I don't do sat navs, it's paper maps for me every time.

I spotted this low plastic fence through the hedge, and had a closer look. I think it has been erected around the edge of the wood to keep in small furry animals so they don't stray onto the busy road.

 The road to North Ferriby is long and straight, passing by lots of seriously large expensive houses.

Oh, and here is another sign, half a mile past the first one. Why have one when you can have two, ha ha. 
Several text messages went backwards and forwards between me and the walkers I had arranged to meet, to check on our locations. We were due to meet on the Yorkshire Wolds Way, a long distance path between Filey in North Yorkshire, and Hessle near Hull. As I had cut a few corners to make progress, when I got to Welton I needed to know their exact location so I rang them. It was at this point that I needed to get on the actual YWW, so I didn't miss them. I have walked up Welton Dale before it is a lovely route to take. Heading up into the top corner to go through the wood.

Looking back, someone is behind me. There were a few walkers about.

Another phone call and I knew it wouldn't be long before we found each other. Over on the right the clump of trees is Fox Covert. What a glorious sight is a field of poppies.

At the top of Turtle Hill I spotted another red field in the distance.
Up to that point I hadn't eaten much so I sat down among the tall grass and had lunch. Cheese and lettuce sandwich and tinned peaches which I had decanted onto a sealed plastic pot. As I got up to walk a bit further I saw two people walking towards me, ah, this must be the guys I am looking for. Sure enough Shaun and Andy appeared. I hadn't met them before, didn't know what they looked like, but there's no mistaking two guys who have walked a long way, as opposed to two guys out for an afternoon stroll. Nice to meet you.

I turned round and we went back the same way as I had come, through Welton Dale. Shaun stopped to chat to a couple walking their dog.

We had a rest at Welton village, sat on a bench and I ate my pasta pot which I had made up the night before. The ducks liked the bits of sandwich that Shaun and Andy were throwing to them, but they showed no interest in my pasta, ha ha. Oh well, more for me.

Staying on the Yorkshire Wolds Way we headed down to the waters edge through Long Plantation. A long stretch of woodland that is popular with dog walkers and kids building dens, from the nearby housing estate. Here we have reached the Humber Bank. There are metal steps to go down over the rocks to the shoreline. Hmmm, doesn't look too good, a bit muddy.

Shall we give it a try? Yeah, let's do it. 
We turned left, see the bridge in the distance? We didn't get very far, our boots were sinking into the mud, and it was very slippy. Shaun was keen to go on, but Andy was struggling. I didn't like it very much. We abandoned that idea, Andy had a massive blister on his heel and it was causing big problems, mainly pain. At this point there is nowhere else to go. If the tide is in then the path is impassible. Private houses back onto the shore and you can't walk through people's gardens. There is another route, but that meant going back through Long Plantation. Hindsight says you should check tides before setting out. This actually caught me out on the last day of my first long walk. I did exactly the same thing, and ended up doing 30 miles, walking back up Long Plantation and along the road to the bridge. It was a killer.

We walked back up Long Plantation and Andy was at the point of not being able to walk any further. Something had to be done to help him. Luckily we came across a couple walking their dog, and another stroke of luck was that their house backed onto the wood, and they had a back gate into their garden. They were so kind, let us take a short cut onto the estate, which cut out a couple of miles for me at least. Andy however could not go any further, so the nice couple called a taxi to come and pick them up. I said goodbye to my walking companions. I was able to carry on through the estate and join the YWW further along the shoreline. If you are doing this walk the other way round, from east to west then you see this sign, and as you are already at the waters edge you can see whether the tide is in or out.

My feet are ok today so I was able to pick up the path at this point. Looking back to where I have come from.
The impassible bit is only a short stretch, but it's treacherous. Once past it, it turns into a nicely laid footpath. Not far now, just got to walk over that bridge.

I got home at 7pm. A quick home made ready meal in the microwave, and a feeling that I have achieved something today. Walked a long way, good exercise, enjoyed our green and pleasant land, and met some new people. Perfect. The sun is out now, I hope you have the same. Let's get outside, are you coming? Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. we are short on Poppies down here this year, apparently they don't always come up in the same spot. Your fields are just beautiful.

  2. The poppy field took my breath away!
    Jane x

  3. Fantastic Ilona, well done.
    I loved the poppy field, I had forgotten how beautiful they are. It is many years since I have seen one.
    Thank you for taking all the lovely photos.
    I hope Andy is OK today.
    Pam in TX. xx

  4. Nice walk. I was on babysitting duty, so I`m having a lazy day at home this Sunday, before I get back to work tomorrow.

  5. Hi hun,OMG I wish that I had your energy! *Loved* the poppy field.It is a great idea to use our footpaths and walks - if we don't we could lose them which would be a great shame :( Well done you! Looking forward to your next installment on your blog - feel like I am walking with you all the way! *hugs* Sue

  6. The poppy fields are so amazing. I just have a few in the garden and I can only just imagine a whole field of their brilliance.

  7. Thanks for taking us along on your walk, Ilona.
    Love the 'North Ferriby' signs celebrating their village.
    We just seem to have plain Black & White down south.
    Nothing as colourful or imaginative in these parts.
    Maybe I should start a campaign!
    Luv from
    Granny G xx

  8. Danneke looking in *** Lovely pictures Ilona, pity about Andy's blisters, pity you didnt have the Germoline with you Ilona, had he got new boots on??? My achievement today was been able to walk unaided into my kitchen from my sitting room. I am trying to get back to normal so I can drive my car again , my brother is very ill with cancer and I am his only relative and will have to get to him quickly at short notice, he lives about 100 miles from me. I have noticed that the poppy fields are not so prolific this year, I get a few in my back yard garden but this year they are not so many.

  9. Your pictures from your walk are beautiful.... really enjoyed them. And such great exercise!

  10. Looks beautiful. How lovely to meet up with your forum friends, you have so much energy hun.

    X x

  11. I have never seen a field of poppies...brilliant!

  12. inspirational as always Ilona, I am frustrated in my walking ambitions at the moment as hayfever is holding me back, chronic pollen at the moment. Well done you!

  13. How lovely to meet some fellow walkers from the forum but what a shame the couldn't go on due to the blister.


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