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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Crafty stuff

I think I've got the hang of this now. Dead easy with a bit of practice. 

I made a small one, isn't it cute.

Think I'll look at some more videos, find something else to make. 

I took this photo of Bugsy last night, he was fast asleep halfway up the stairs. I like the way his front paw is dangling over the the edge. This is his new preferred bed, until he finds somewhere else. Don't worry about me, Bugsy, I will just step over you. Goodnight. 
Shopping tonight, the search for bargains continues. Toodle pip.


  1. Our rescue ginger tom Biggles (sadly no longer with us, we had to have him put to sleep a few weeks ago) used to do exactly the same thing, sleeping on one of the stairs with bits of him hanging off the edge!

  2. They are lovely, Ilona. (Bugsy is pretty cute, too). You have a great eye for combining fabrics and colors.

  3. Bugsy has a happy life with you!
    The squares are great. Two VERY tiny ones could be earrings!

  4. I love ginger moggies. We recently lost our beautiful boy at 18 years old and now have a new rescue cat in our family.

  5. Those blocks would make a great quilt, just sew them together. They're thick enough not to need batting and quilting...may just try them myself! Our dog loves to leave his toys (;dog traps') on the stairs, have to make sure none of them tone with the carpet!

  6. You are quite the crafty lady. I love the design, but will leave the sewing up to you!

  7. They are very effective. I could see them making a feature on a bag somewhere.

  8. Ooh I'm drooling over those. I wonder if they could be made into a purse somehow. Have you discovered Pinterest yet MQ? It's full of crafty ideas and I am completely hooked.

  9. yes, looks like you've got the hang of them now lol
    Ive made them with xmas fabric on the outside and gold fabric within and they made great tree decs.
    You can also make a triangular version, same method just 3 sided and that too makes a striking xmas dec : )

    1. The traingular ones can be made into a Christmas tree...effective but VERY time consuming!

  10. They are so pretty! well done you

  11. Bugsy is smart...the gold in the carpet brings our his colour!
    I love the purple bow the best.
    Jane x

  12. Brings to mind the poem.......'Cats sleep any where........' !
    You've got it by jove! I used to get addicted to each new technique of patchwork, one I never got to grips with but admired greatly was the folded bow tie. Still got the destructions and step by step fabric pieces somewhere, fancy a go at it?
    By the way, the sewing you've been doing, is it called 'Cathedral windows'? (just one of the many names given to it).

  13. Bugsy looks so comfortable, and of course he knows you will step carefully around and over him, wherever he may be. :)
    I really like these little squares, Ilona! Very pretty, and they look so detailed and complicated (even though you say they are not)!

  14. Buggy is just so sweet. Our cat, whiskas sleeps with his paw out. Often patting you on the head in his sleep as he lays on the back of the sofa.

    You have defiantly mastered that skill, these look lovely. And yes the small one is very cute.

    X x

  15. Buggsy is really cute. My Ernie sometimes likes to sleep on his back with his paws in the air.

  16. Cute little decorations! Our Chihuahua, Lily, likes to snuggle under the pillowcase that we use to cover up her pillow bed. I took a series of photos of her lying in her bed, just like a regular person. It's on my Pinterest "critter" board. I also have a board called "Secondhand Makeover." It's full of ideas for recycling or is it called upcycling old stuff into new.


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