Friday, 6 June 2014

Getting ready for the village fete

It's been a lovely day here, sunny and warm. The forecast for tomorrow is not so good though, heavy showers are predicted, but looking at the weather map it might be that the east coast will get off lightly. I'm hoping that's what will happen, trying to be optimistic. 
The church is ready for the visitors, I spent the afternoon setting my display up. It's about art and craft using recycled materials. The ladies from the Chat and Craft brought their items to show and set their tables out.  
I was able to hang four of the art pieces on the board, with the fifth one leaning against it on the table.  I thought the rug was worthy of a showing. I tried to include a variety of different materials and techniques. Hopefully to give people ideas and inspiration to have a go themselves. None of the items are for sale, they are for demonstration purposes only. 

I put my five cushions on the window ledge above the Chat and Craft tables, to fill a gap, and to show that I am a member of this group.

I will only have time to pop in the church tomorrow as I will be busy on our cat fundraising stall outside on the village green. I will be able to spend more time in there on Sunday, the church is open for two days. Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather, we have been lucky for the last two years, let's hope the rain does not come down and spoil our weekend.
Toodle pip.


  1. I bet your display will attract the most people! Fabulous. Hope you have good weather for all your weekend activities.

    Linda xx

  2. That all looks rather marvellous-wish I was there! Is the bag with the trees and little bags sewn on(lidl, Costco etc I spotted)-the cream one above the denim one-one that u have seen Ilona? I really like it! I've can spot the rest of your things as I've seen them on the blog but I've not seen that bag before. Maybe I missed it! Fingers crossed for the weather, your stall looks so good, I think as many people as possible should see it.
    Ps the Ilona bag and I are off to London this weekend, I'll take a photo of us in harrods alongside the Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs collection! (I'll only be looking, the Ilona is far superior to that tat).

  3. Looks lovely Ilona
    Twiggy x

  4. What a beautiful display Ilona. You must feel proud!

  5. The whole display looks amazing. I will keep my fingers crossed the weather stays nice for you all

    My bag is off to Devon with me next week, it's very well traveled.

    X x

  6. Good display!
    I do hope you have good weather and sell,sell, sell!
    Looks like along with other places the Midlands are going to have the storms.
    Have a great weekend Ilona.

  7. I wish I didn't live so far away. I'd visit your stalls! Good luck!

  8. How creative you ladies are. The display is so colorful and bright. Here's hoping the weathr is nice for you and your group.

  9. I hope you have a good day, looking forward to hearing about it x

  10. The tables look fantastic. There are some very talented crafters, you included. I hope the weather stays fine for you and that you get lots of visitors. The weather is not going to be fin for us and we are in a gala parade in the next town.

  11. Mary in Perth Australia7 June 2014 at 10:35

    The stall looks gorgous. I wonder if it will attract any new members. There's a good cross-section of craft there, and having 'chat' in the name makes it sound so friendly.
    Hope your cat stall gets lots of money. Wish I was there to support it. Hope the weather is good too.

  12. Your stand looks really colourful and bright, its great. I hope its stayed dry over there. Its not too bad in Manchester, just a bit muggy

  13. My fingers are crossed for you.
    Love from Mum