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Monday, 2 June 2014

My froggy family

Good evening. I did the usual craft club meet this morning. I hadn't got round to preparing something to work on, it was a last minute decision. I still have some fleece offcuts left, so I quickly pieced together another cat mat with just two colours, black and purple, then cut a piece of old curtain lining to sew them onto. We were making preparations for the display in the church at the weekend, our exhibits have to be delivered on Friday afternoon so they can set it up. I shall be there to help, as I have to take my art pieces for another display. 
My friend sent me an email with this photo, she took it last week, that's Bella the Labradoodle sat on my knee. She is gorgeous, endless energy, and gets so excited when she has a visitor. She loves cuddles, and playing, and treats. 
Here is another bag photo to add to our collection. I forgot I had given one to Carol. Here she is posing with it. She is standing in the garden of a stately home, but I've forgotten which one, she did say. It will come to me in a minute. I am pleased she is finding a use for the bag. 
Someone asked about my new strimmer, I bought an electric one. I already had an extension cable for the mower, and I didn't want to mess about with petrol. I've been tidying the garden tonight, it's nice to be able to work a bit later in the evening. I have no idea how many frogs I have. I don't have a pond but they do in the neighbours garden at the back of mine, so I suppose the frogs come from there. I spotted five tonight. This one is in the runner bean bed.
This one is in the long grass in the middle of the lawn. I keep a section of it long so the cats can lie in it in the sun. I sometimes have to rescue a frog from there and re locate it if a cat finds one. Mayze was looking at this one. 
Two more in the broad bean bed.

There was one in the potato bed but it hopped off before I could get a picture. It was getting dark by that time. Fascinating what goes on in the garden in the evening.
Toodle pip


  1. Bella is just gorgeous, she could be a distant cousin of my dog :-)

  2. Your bags have a better social life than I do! lol.

  3. I agree with Paid in Chickens, I must get a wriggle on and finish unpacking. There is a notice on the village hall about a craft club, I must find out more about it. keep on having fun and sharing it with us.

  4. I find it amazing that your little frogs look almost identical to the Alaskan Tree Frog even thigh we're half a world away!

  5. Bella looks gorgeous. Your bags will be famous soon, jetting all over the place.

    Our garden is full of frogs too, much to the cats amusement.

    X x

  6. Love your frogs girl.


  7. Danneke having a browse and catching up on things. What a lovely doggie friend with you in the picture, good one of you also . Gordon my next door neighbor left his Jack Russell dog with me while he went to an appointment then did shopping for me.Not allowed out or able to drive yet. Bob does not like postmen at all and just lets say my mail shot thro the letter box and was shredded. Apparently before Gordon rescued Bob he had been kicked about and neglected by his then owner a postman so now when the dog see a red uniform or hears a letter box he goes crazy. For the life of me I do not know why people have pets etc if they do not want to love and care for them. Loved seeing all the toads, I can not get onto my yard borders to look out for mine as I have a leg and back full of stitches after the operation.

  8. Watch out for the frogs in the grass Ilona, I have visions of the poor things without legs.

    1. Thanks for mentioning that. It happened to my mother when she was busily trimming the overgrown grass at the edge of our lawn. A poor frog leaped up minus his leg. We didn't see where he went but , being real animal lovers, the whole family was disturbed and (obviously) never forgot it. Our only hope was that he quickly bled to death. Awful feeling.


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