Saturday, 5 July 2014


I took Jack and Honey out on the hills, and Jack decided to go for a mooch in the woods. What did I say about how easy they were to walk, never leave my side, ha ha. Jack came back wearing what looked like two pairs of wellington boots. He had found a nice pond of black mud. I'm just pleased he didn't decide to roll in it. When we got back he looked sheepish at me as I told him to come here, so I could get the hosepipe on his undercarriage. He flopped down on his belly after I washed the front paws, and wouldn't stand, so I couldn't get to the rest. He had to stay outside after that. My friends are back, they went away as Mr and Miss, and came back as Mr and Mrs. They looked really happy, I shall look forward to seeing the photo's. 
A quick lunch today. My first courgette, and some broad beans from the garden, in a pan with a splash of olive oil. A shake of mixed spices and garlic powder, cook for a few minutes and break two eggs into it. When they are scrambled it's done. It was deeeelishus. Simple and tasty.
Sitting outside in the sun with a glass of wine. I've just finished the bottle with my evening meal, which was steamed vegetables and two Quorn veggie sausages. I like to make the wine last three days, sometimes I can stretch it to four.

In between going in and out today I'm starting to collect a few ideas together for this picture. I can't decide whether to start sewing things on now and see how it pans out, or to lay it all out first making sure it is just how I want it to look before I start sewing. There will be a lot of walking away from it and coming back to it, as ideas come into my head. It will take a while.

I don't know if it's the wine or the walking that's making me tired. I think I'll log off and relax for an hour or so before bed time. I have a free day tomorrow but need to get the Dyson out and clean some windows. Have a nice Sunday. Toodle pip.


  1. You really don't need meat to eat delicious meals...we had veggie shepherd's pie with cheesy mash on top...thought there would be enough for tomorrow but sadly not!

  2. And I thought I had a busy week. I'm very hungry now that I've seen all the delicious veggie meals.Raw is a good thing.I used to dog and housesit and do agree that any more than four hours for furry family members is too long.You do well by them.The photos in last week's blog of the tree (stump) with nature's hand adding all that formation, colour and texture was interesting to me, and also reminded me of cliff dwellings by aboriginal people. I once used a decaying log and planted it with ground covers , mosses and stones and placed it by a split rail fence where an entrance started to a pasture.(wildcrafting) Doesn't food and wine taste so much better outdoors?Your fabric-textile art thingy , is a good work in progress,and the ladies look really pleased with their haul from the fabric and craft place.I'm inspired to get going on some projects that have been lanquishing.When you share your photos and info on day trips and outings it does brighten anyone's day.Regards, Destemona.

    1. I agree about not leaving dogs for any more than 4, perhaps 5 at a push, hours. I used to walk someone's Westie and the lady was very insistent that the dogs paws were to be kept clean. I let it off the lead in a field (I didn't know the cows had been in there) and the dog ran through a very large juicy country pancake! His paws were green up to the knees! I stopped in at the local cemetery and used the watering can to wash his paws but they were stained. The owner wasn't too impressed so I had to wash the dog when I took it home! Could have been worse - he could have rolled in it!

  3. It sounds like the perfect day my frugal friend.

  4. just my sort of day, I love your picture and can't wait to see the finished article !

  5. Love the picture, looks like an underwater scene...but red :) I'd be tempted to make jellyfish and seahorses

  6. I didn't know you could use a Dyson to clean windows :-)

    Food looks yummy. Look forward to seeing how your artwork progresses.


  7. I've never used my Dyson to clean the windows, I don't think my arms would be strong enough ;-)

    The picture is looking good, at first glance I thought the white wool was a little parakeet!!

  8. If you are passing a Morrisons on your travels, they have an offer on tins of chick peas at 4 for £1. They have the same brand of tinned tomatoes, both whole and chopped, at the same price. I was passing near one this week and popped in and was pleased to find these. Must be at least 3 years since I was last in a Morrisons.


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