Friday, 25 July 2014

Visit to the 20 21 Arts Centre

I've had a lovely stress free leisurely day today, unlike the woman who rang me this morning, wanting to find a rescue that would take her bothers three cats because he was off on his travels. He is vacating his house in a week or so, and needs to find new homes for them pretty quick. Why do they leave it so late? I spoke to Sue about it as she looks after the cats we have in pens. She said this lady contacted her weeks ago, and was told to send us an email with their photo's so we could put them on our web page. Has she done it, has she heck. We get a lot of this, People think they can get their unwanted animals into a Rescue with just one pone call. Then they realise, after making many calls, that they are all full.  
Only last week I took a pone call from someone needing to rehome a cat, I said send ,me an email with a photo and description. I am still waiting. Wish people would get organised in time. Oh well, we try our best. 
Talking of cats, my two girls were late in last night, Naughty Heidi didn't come back till almost midnight, I was about to give up and go to bed and lock her out. The time now is 8.15pm and Heidi has just come in, Mayze is already in. I couldn't shut the back door quick enough YAY, they are both in, no waiting up tonight. 
I went to town today to get some bits and bobs, mainly cat food. I did a top up shop at Aldi while I was there. Bananas, strawberries, melon, cheese, yogurt, and quiche, and a carton of unsweetened soya milk. I got one last week to try, because Tesco has put theirs up from 59p to 75p. Anyway, the Aldi version is fine so I'll be getting that from now on. 
I hadn't been to the Arts Centre for ages so I thought I would go and browse the exhibitions. It's the Open Exhibition again, the one where anyone can enter. I didn't bother this time. A couple of artworks caught my eye, most of the entries are paint on canvas, but these mixed media are interesting. This one is called Fallen Angel. It's described as Mixed Media with mod-rock, wire, and paint, and the artist is Steven Jessop. 
It's really spooky, the torso and head are distorted, it doesn't have a face just a lot of screws. The lacy wings and dress have been painted a dark grey, and the roses have also been spray painted. It has been adorned with chains. It's wings are bent and it looks mummified. I think it looks very macabre, and I can't imagine what was going through the artists mind when he created it. I would like to ask him. 

This piece is a lot prettier. The Secret Garden, by Gabrielle Harris. It looks like she has taken two square pieces of fabric, a back and a front, stitched them together and put wire around the edge to mould it into a bowl shape. Then added simple embroidered and beaded tree shapes, with a pond in the middle. I like this piece. The colours are vibrant, and the embroidery detail is attractive. 

Remember I said my letter 'n' was playing up on the keyboard and driving me nuts. Well tonight it's the letter 'h'. I struggled on with it, thinking I would have to get a man to come and look at it, but no, I won't have to, I found what the problem was. A small black bead was rolling around between the letters, ha ha, silly me. Those pesky tiny beads get everywhere. All is fine and dandy now.

Welcome to Beverley in California who has just sent a comment to a post published in March last year. I get to read all the comments no matter how long ago the post was written. Beverley is working her way through the whole blog, she will catch us up soon I think.

Talking of comments, did you notice what I did recently. The post on Tuesday, In answer to an email, had a couple of spam comments, sent anonymously as most of them are. They were very complementary about the blog, I thought it's a shame to dump them, so I doctored them to remove the link, and re posted them, ha ha. So one in the eye for the spammers, turn a negative into a positive, and get yourself some extra comments.
That's all for now. Have a nice weekend. Toodle pip.


  1. Hmmm not sure about the angel. Oh well each to their own. I love how you get out everywhere. I walk a dog for a 70 year old lady. She will not go out, won't walk the lovely little chap and sadly both she and he are hugely overweight!

  2. I usually have biscuit crumbs causing problems with my keyboard :-)


  3. It's so sad about the cats. I foster for a charity but people found out who I was as started threatening me through my FB account. "If you don't have it I will put him/her down" "it's really ill I can't get it to the vet and YOUR charity is not answering the phone"

    I was in tears most nights so I closed my FB account down (it was all getting a little Jeremy Kyle on there anyway) People just don't realise, the charity has over 90 cats in care but only 1 a month is getting re homed.

  4. ugh, I agree with your artist eye on the sculpture. The artist will probably win some award! I'm not a cat lady (love the dogs), but certainly have a passion for all animals. Poor kitties. And people just don't think, right?

  5. Hi Ilona,

    Am reading through your blog cover to cover again, and in September 2011 you bought some new men's undies from Matalan. I am checking in with you to see if they're still going strong. I do hope so, they were a 50 p a pair bargain.

    Francesca of Tasmanian Minimalist.

    1. Hi, yes pleased to say the pants are still going strong. Just checked my undies drawer, five pairs of black, size small. Good for a few more years yet.

  6. Hi, I think you will find the answer to your question about the angel in 2 Peter 2:4, although you really need to read the whole chapter from verse 4." For if God did not spare the angels who sinned but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment;" You should read the rest, it's to long for me to type it all in, but that is most likely where his idea came from. Thanks Barbara

    1. Thank you Barabara, that does sound like it. Don't know if the bible is online, I don't have a paper copy, but will look it up sometimes.

  7. I also like to read your blog from start to finish sometimes, and I even take notes on meal ideas, crafts etc. I think it is amazing that you achieve so much in life and yet manage to blog so frequently. I'd love to be as fit and healthy as you are, to do so many crafts, gardening, you are an inspiration. I also love seeing your cats as I used to have a cat which died four years ago, aged 20. I've even started making fabric shopping bags to save the planet.

  8. Ilona, I remember shortly after finding your blog - years ago now! - I also went back and read the entire thing in chronological order :)
    That angel looks technically well-designed, but is awfully dark. For me, the screws are just too much, turning it from something I would look at for a long time and ponder, to something I would look at once and then try to forget about.
    Good luck to you and your friend with the kitty rehoming work you do. Wonderful, both of you.

  9. Hi.As Julie says so sad about the cats.They are so vulnerable and depend on the kindness of people like you.We have taken rescue dogs and made them part of our family and have a new addition that was found by my husband walking our dog.(in terrible state and weak and unable to see due to matting,given up on trying to get out of being trapped by a creek bed weak and traumatized and dehydrated and very hungry)We would have cats too, but sadly hubby and son have severe allergies.You run into all kinds of people when involved in animal recue and care and fostering and the stories I've been told -shocking and incomprehensible.The art show photos very interesting, and yes the angel is edgy. That's what art is about, I think, an expression of the individual artist's concepts derived from life and imagination.Thank you for sharing again.Regards, Destemona.

  10. Hi Ilona! Beverley here from California ;) Thanks for the welcome! I am a baby boomer from the States and am doing my part to redefine retirement LOL! My retirement is wild, wacky, wonderful and fun. My latest venture will be doing yard duty at an elementary school 3 days a weeks. The gym I belonged to by my house closed down earlier this year so yard dutying will provide me with plenty of exercise plus they will pay me instead of me paying them.! I hope to start next week, I have been really working on the diet portion of trying to lose weight this summer. It is soooo slow so I do hope adding the 2.5 hours per shift will provide me with lots of exercise. I am just about caught up with your blog. But now.....oh my goodness........through your blog and comments I have found over two dozen more blogs to check out. But I do love reading them. The weather is so hot here I sit under a fan and read blogs. I'm glad you are having a great retirement as well!


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