Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A prickly story

What a colourful breakfast I had this morning. Porridge with sultanas, and a splash of home made blackberry juice. Simply divine. In fact, looking at that I am prompted to go and get myself a glass of juice to drink now. Won't be a tick.
Bugsy seems to be living on my bedroom window sill at the moment. He has moved from the spare room, not sure why as the view is exactly the same. Those lorries are not normally there though, we never get lorries down our street, except when they get lost, it is a dead end street that goes nowhere. Signs appeared a couple of days ago saying they are going to re surface the road, and asks that no cars be parked today and tomorrow. Everyone complied with the request, lorries went up and down, they cleared the gutters and sealed up the drains, but the road has not been re surfaced. Maybe tomorrow then. Bugsy is looking forlornly at his empty bowl.
Mum, where's my food, go and get me some more.

Yes, certainly Bugsy, here you are. Thanks Mum, mmmmm, my favourite.
Cat rescue turned into hedgehog rescue this afternoon. I had a phone call from my friend, she had a young hedgehog on her front lawn and was worried that it might go onto the road. She said she rang me because she thought I would know someone who could help. Well I do know a lot of people in the village, ha ha. There is a lady who takes in hedgehogs but I couldn't find out who it is. The vet in the next village said they would take it in, check it, give it any treatment it needs and take it to a rescue centre. I tried it with a bit of cat food before I took it, but it didn't show much interest.

Poor little mite, so cute. I hope he survives and can be released back into the wild when he is big enough.

Hedgehogs are in decline at the moment. It's such a shame that so many of them get killed on the road. I have picked up four in the last few weeks. It really peeves me when one gets killed right outside someone's house, and no one comes out and picks it up. Why don't they? Why do they leave it there to get run over, again and again, with each passing car, so that it's innards are splattered all over the road. Why does everyone ignore the little body? It's bad enough that a poor animal has been killed, even worse that it has been left to get flattened. That's my gripe for today, please pick up any animal that gets killed in front of your house, don't leave it there. Say a little prayer, and say sorry.
Toodle pip.


  1. Amen ! Great great thought.

  2. Quite right...there are so many poor little bodies on our roads. Part of the price paid for us to run our cars...

  3. We have a similar Australian animal called an echidna. I cry when I see them hit by a car, so beautiful, oh and when wombats get hit. It breaks my heart. X

  4. Right on Ilona, we have too many of our precious native animals killed on the roads and they are left where they fall. It's very sad and they could be moved off the road into the bush.

  5. I've scraped dead rabbits /turtles/ raccoons off the road...they deserve some dignity.
    Jane x

  6. I think hedgehogs are cute little animals.We don't have them here in the USA. I hope the little one you rescued can be released back into the wild, like you said.

  7. It always makes me sad when I see animals killed on the roads. I have hedgehogs living under my shed and I'm very fond of them, I won't let anyone near the shed in winter when they're hibernating in case they get disturbed.

  8. When we lived in Lincolnshire, we found a tiny baby hedgehog curled up fast asleep in our communal drive. Obviously couldn't leave it there or it would have been run over. I phoned the RSPCA, they asked me to weigh it (popped it on the kitchen scales) and they said it was very very small and would need to be taken in. So they came and collected it.

    I picked up a dead kitten once which had been knocked down. I knocked on someone's door and asked for a carrier bag to put it in and handed it into the village vet. I couldn't have left it lying on the pavement - it was someone's pet after all. Lots of people were staring at it but no one picked it up. Good luck with your hedgehog. They usually like a bit of cat food.

    1. Hi Susan. We have a vet here who will take dead cats and keep them in cold storage for two weeks, to give the owners time to collect it. The person who found it would usually put up a couple of notices on lamp posts and knock on doors close by to ask if they have lost a cat. I found a badly injured cat that died before my eyes. It was taken to the vet and was claimed. At least it had a dignified burial.

    2. I did the same, knocked on doors after dropping the kitten at the vet, leaving messages with people that I'd found a tabby kitten and asking people to spread the word that it was at the vet. There's nothing worse than losing a pet and not knowing what happened to it. Many animals are now micro chipped so vets can often find out who they belong to. There are often 'missing' posters where we live and I've found dogs wandering around and taken them back to their owners.

  9. How beautiful poor little darling

  10. I doubt that little hedgehog would survive as it appeared to be sick. They're not usually seen out in daylight unless they're sick and also that little one is exposing it's snout while you're near, again an indication that it's sick or it would have rolled into a ball to protect it's vulnerable snout.

    We've taken several into rescue this year and they've reported having much higher numbers brought in and are wondering if there's some hedgehog virus about.


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