Thursday, 14 August 2014

That's the shopping done

Hello, I said I would be back, and I am, back from Tesco. I did the supermarket dash tonight, not much food left and my meals are getting a bit samey. I need variety. Some yellow stickers found their way into my trolley, I have stopped keeping track of them on my page above, need a rest from that, but you can be sure that a large part of my shopping is made up of what I can buy cheap at a discount.

I like Tesco, like the people who work there, and always come out with a smile on my face after a bit of banter with the lady on the checkout. The lady who marks down the veg is good fun as well, always have a laugh with her. They can keep their serve yourself tills, I want a person to put my purchases through, I'm beggared if I'm going to do it myself. They've got those new hand held scanners now, you zap your goods as you put them in the trolley. I can't be bothered with all that, not interested, give me a smiley lady on a till  every time.

Anyway, I've left it a bit late to publish the post I had planned. The photo's are loaded, just got to put the words to it. I'll leave it till the morning when my brain is a bit fresher. I'm chillin now with  a doughnut (30p for 5) and a mug of hot chocolate, and then to bed. Good night, catch you tomorrow.


  1. Hi Ilona 2 for 1 today - brill. We are boycotting Tescos as they are pro-Israeli. Other supermarkets seem Ok as far as I can see. All stores can keep their self check out - I agree. The staff spend more time sorting out problems, like ID checking, reductions, promotions, security tags need to come off, dvd's need fetching, (plus any other tiny problem with carrier bags) that the queue gets long. Even with a small basket I join the queue with trolleys.

    Funny clip for you

  2. I just found your blog yesterday (via Comptonia and the lovely Quinn) and I love it. Thank you so much for your great sense of humor and cheerfulness and frugality and enjoyment of life! a person after my own heart...signed up to follow you.

  3. I was at an Australian supermarket the other night and they only had auto tills open. So, I asked for a human, and told them I'm trying to save their jobs.

  4. I won't use those self scanner either, I would rather have personal service.

  5. We all need a bit of variety...hope you're well.

  6. Keep on chillin! And beating Tescos at their own game!


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