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Monday, 20 October 2014

Carry on Crafting

Hello, thank you for your messages on yesterdays post, I appreciate your kindness. 

Today has been a sewing day, I made another bowl, this time using denim as the backing because I wanted to make it larger than the red one. I cut a 28cm square, and in the centre I used two layers of old flannelette sheet, slightly smaller so I could turn over the denim to the front for the border. 
This time I chose a blue theme, using any snippets of fabric I had, plus sequins and wool. I used the red fine netting to cover them. It would have been better with silver but I haven't got any. Again run the machine over it using a zigzag stitch.

I hand stitched the border in red cotton, as it would have been difficult to get the bulky denim through the machine. Looks very nice. Anyone else tried one yet?

It was crafty club this morning. I took some felt and made some leaves in different colours for the picture. Lots more are needed. I carried on making some this afternoon while watching Supervet on Channel 4 catch up. Noel Fitzpatrick is back, what a wonderful man he is. 
One of the ladies brought some necklaces in to show us what she had knitted. You can buy this strange wool it comes on a cardboard reel ready to knit up. The metalic threads in it makes you think it might be itchy scratchy, but it isn't. It's really soft. 
She made the beads out of paper, and painted them with nail varnish. They don't open, the whole thing slips over your head and the bead sits at the front, rather than at the back of the neck. She made them to sell on our table at the Christmas Fair in December, but the members liked them so much she immediately sold them. Now she has to make some more. I think they will be very popular.

I'm just going to make a few more leaves before I go to bed. Catch you tomorrow.
Toodle pip.


  1. Like this colour combo. The red hand stitched border looks much nicer than the machined one; you have done really even stitches and the red contrast is lovely against the denim.

  2. I'm going to make some of these bowls for Christmas. I might put a few toiletries in and wrap them up. Love the necklaces, I have seen these done before but it still amazes me. So clever.

  3. These fabric bowls are really nice! This one is really pretty too. I might well try one in the future, they would make lovely presents.

  4. I really like the denim edge on this bowl, it gives it a nice solid look.
    I wonder where you get this yarn from, I've not seen it before, love those necklaces.

    1. Hi Bri. Carol mentioned that she got the wool at Hobbycraft, but I don't know what it's called. She knit an i cord, with large double ended needles. Experiment with different numbers of stitches, depending on how tight or loose you want the tube.

  5. I have a necklace similar to this, but I did not make it. The bowls are very unique, and very crafty, Ilona

  6. The fabrics bowls look great and would make a really nice gift.

    X x

  7. Hi Ilona
    Have followed your blog for a while, love your craft ideas. Can you tell me the name of the wool and how to find out how to make those necklaces. They would be good to raise funds for charity :). Love those bowls too.

    1. Hello Margaret. I don't know the name of the wool, and Carol will not be at the craft club for the next two weeks. I suggest you go to a wool shop and have a look, there must be lots of variations of something similar.

      She knitted an i cord, using double ended large needles. I have found a video which gives instructions on this. They only have four stitches, you would need more to make the necklace. Best to experiment with it.
      Or you can put i cord into yoootooobs search and it will come up with more.
      Hope that is useful.

    2. Hi Ilona, it's known as a ladder ribbon yarn and Sirdar manufacture it under the name of Firefly. This is the link to Wool Warehouse an online UK stockist.

      Linda xxx

  8. I have some of that wool in my stash! What a fab way to use it up! Should be impressive enough for Christmas presents too!
    X x


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