Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Looking for bargains.

Hello, I'm a bit late tonight. I went to town today, needed some garlic powder so I went to the Asian shop just off the High Street. I got a big bag this time, should last me a while. Also bought ground cumin, ground coriander, cous cous, and ground Almonds. The man on the checkout was dead impressed with my home made shopping bags. 
We have a new Polish supermarket at the top end of the High Street, it used to be a fashion store. I took a look inside out of curiosity, and was completely baffled, I didn't know what most of the stuff was, had to make a guess by the picture on the packet, jar, or can. All very clean and tidy though but maybe I won't be shopping there. Some of the items that I did recognize were more expensive than the English version. 
I popped in Aldi for a few things. Soya milk is still 59p a carton, soft cheese with garlic 49p, French Brie 99p, 1kg bananas 68p, quiche £1.19. The cats like the gourmet supreme in a foil tray, and at 20p each it's a good price. Total spent £7.02. B & M for the remainder of the cat food.  
Last nights dinner, was the last of the egg noodles, that's a third of a packet. I could probably get four portions out of it but I thought I had better eat it quite quickly as it was going out of date when I bought it. I stirred in two spoons of houmous. Served with potatoes, parsnips, broccoli, and cauliflower.  
It was sewing class at the college tonight. This is the shirt made into a cushion cover. I rushed the job a bit so it's not as neat as it should be. This is the back of the shirt but the front of of the cover. The bits I cut off have been sewn back onto it as embellishments. The teacher showed us how to make ruffles. The colour is not very accurate on the photo due to poor lighting, it's actually a nice shade of powder blue.

 The front of the shirt is now the opening for inserting the cushion.

I pass Tesco on the way home after class, so it makes sense to pop in. A few bargains to be had.
Radishes 5p
Sprouts 10p
Pack of 3 exotic fruits 10p. Don't know what they are.
Two packs of button mushrooms 10p each.
Four tubs of prepared fruit 20p each.
Bag of rocket 10p.
Pasta salad  x 2, 22p each.
Spring onions 5p
Sprouting beans 13p
Bread 10p
Dry cat food £1.50
Total spent £4.07

That's my shopping done for the week.
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.


  1. Ever the thrifty lady. Looks like a cute project, and can't believe the color difference....blue?

  2. I am happy to see you eating from your pretty pink floral plate. Much better than eating from the pan, but I understand wanting to save on water.

    Cute idea for the pillow cover made from a shirt.

    What is a "bag of rocket"? It is fun to learn about British goods.

  3. you're still getting great buys!
    good for you!
    I love the shirt pillow cover,
    that's a wonderful idea.
    your photo looks dusty pink on my pc.
    thanks for sharing!

  4. Have you looked at the online pet store Zooplus for your cat food etc? I've been using it for a while and find it much cheaper than anywhere else for dog food. Haven't looked at cat food prices as we don't have cats now. Just a thought x

  5. That is the strangest shade of blue I've ever seen!

  6. You know ilona when I'm feeling low I just read your blog and cheer up. Thank you!

  7. Post a picture of your exotic fruit. Maybe someone can identify it.