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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The magic of the www

Hello. Just thought I would pop back tonight to tell you about something amazing that happened today. You may remember that my wonderful computer fixer upper emigrated to Australia nigh on two years ago now. I was very sad when Mark went, although it was the best move for him and his family. They are now settled in a nice area in a lovely house, they have jobs and a car each and their children are happy in their school. I've never met his family but Mark is an all round good guy.

So why am I singing his praises now, I haven't seen him for two years. I sent him a message via Facebook, asking how do I connect the Hudl to my internet connection here in the house. A couple of messages went back and forth, then this morning I had just replied to him and literally seconds later the phone rang. I had the shock of my life, Mark was on the line wanting to help me.

My phone is upstairs next to the big computer and he thought the password I needed would be on there, as that's what he used to connect up the little net book. I switched it on, and the screen filled up with messages like it has been doing for several months. I just ignore them because I don't use the big computer very often now.

I followed Marks instructions clicking where he told me to click. A code and password came up in a box and I read them out to him. Things started happening on my screen as he took over the computer. I had sat with him many times before as he worked his magic, unable to understand the double dutch  which appeared, or keep up with the speed at which things were happening. He is like grease lightening when it comes to fixing things.

He chatted as he worked, I found out all about his new life in Australia, and for just over an hour this went on. I worried that his phone bill would be horrendous, but he assured me that it is very cheap to phone England, he pays a very reasonable annual fee to Skype and all calls are covered.

He found the password I needed for the Hudl so that is now connected. He also went through the whole computer and gave it a thorough clean, there was a few bits that shouldn't have been there, and he put me a new anti virus on. It's running like a new computer again.

Isn't it flippin amazing that someone from the other side of the world can sort out my computer for me. Mark, if you are reading this I am really chuffed that you were able to do this for me, you are one of the best.

Tonight I've been to college for the first lesson on up cycling. We were asked to take a man's shirt and we are turning them into cushions. I didn't have a shirt, but my good friend Barry had a rummage in his wardrobe and found one he doesn't wear any more. The first thing to do was iron it, then measure a cushion and make a paper pattern and use that to cut out the material. I skipped the paper bit as my shirt is a bit smaller and I will make a cushion to fit it. The front with the buttons on becomes the back of the cushion, and other parts of the shirt will be used to customize the front of it. Ideas for customizing will be demonstrated next week by the teacher. Photo's to follow.

I'll sign off now, time for the hot chocolate and beddybyes. Good night.    


  1. I don't have a Mark, but I do have the Geek Squad...repairs that are offered for an annual fee through Best Buy (sellers of all sorts of technology). The annual contract is for up to three computer/tvs, etc., and it is well worth the fee, let me tell you, if you don't have a Mark in your pocket. So glad he was able to get you up and running.

  2. From Margie in Toronto - A friend's husband is my computer fixer when needed and he lives nearly a two hour drive from me (not quite as far away as Australia) - but it is amazing isn't it!

  3. The www can be a great thing (and an awful timewaster!) When yours goes wrong, everyone needs a Mark! I reckon you will have more ideas about embelishing than your tutor.

  4. Awww how marvelous, what a thoroughly nice fella x

  5. My Mark is my DS whose fingers are a-blur when fixing anything computer related. Aren't we lucky.

  6. I live in Oz and I'd love Mark's number or contact!!

    1. Hi, I don't know his number or his email address, I talk to him through Facebook.
      He lives in Mornington, Victoria. Ignore his profile photo, that's not him.

    2. Thanks honey, you're a gem. I am in Canberra, where your PM is right now!! Small world, xx

  7. Mark sounds like a great guy. I'm glad that you now have your Hudl connected to the Internet.

    Your class sounds like a lot of fun. I've never tried it, but I've seen sweaters that have been turned into pillows, too.


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