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Saturday, 6 December 2014

A busy day at the Village Hall

Hello. I'm falling asleep in front of the keyboard here. I think it is the one hour of heating I treated myself to that's done it, turned it off now. Or could it be all the nattering I've been doing at the Christmas Fair. Here is me and Hilary, one of our crafty ladies.  
Lots of lovely colourful displays. Seated is Carol, another crafty lady. She is manning the Village Hall stall, with her assistant.

All manner of stuff for sale.

 Ali is selling her beautiful hand made wares. She is also one of our crafty ladies.

Blimey, they've piled that one high.
The busiest stall of the lot? The Womens Institute cake stall of course, and before you ask, no I didn't indulge. That's Judy handing over her dosh.

More cakes, such a lovely display.

And an overall view of the Village Hall. The Fair opened at 11am and closed at 3pm, and it was busy most of the time. 
There was entertainment from the school choir, a local dance school, and the Scouts did a presentation. Santa put in an appearance, and there was a fancy dress competition for the small children. A pretty fairy won that. Refreshments were served, tea and coffee, sandwiches and cakes, and home made soup. All in all a great afternoon was had by all. A great effort by everyone, it's good to see the village community coming together. We didn't sell very much but I wasn't expecting to. Charities benefited by doing their own fundraising, and the Village Hall, which has to be self funding, also did well.

Now I'm going to chill. No alcohol tonight, haven't any in, a juice drink and a read of a book will suffice.

Hope your Saturday went well. Enjoy your Sunday. Toodle pip.


  1. Lovely account of a fun day, thank you. I notice a big gender imbalance there! one man I spot in all the pix. Are they all off at the football match? too funny. Women do seem to enjoy this kind of thing so much more.

    1. I've spotted 3 men.
      Still a big imbalance though.

  2. Looks like a great event
    Twiggy x

  3. Do you know what all our politically correct laws would have done to this community gathering? Don't let them get to your village -- or any other for that matter!

  4. Love hearing about your days....thank-you for sharing. The pictures are great.....Thanks again for inspiring. Cheers Jo

  5. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and info on the fair.Such a great effort on everyone's part too.So nice to hear the little ones were taking part on this special day.Rest well and goodnight.Regards, Destemona

  6. Oh, my, Ilona, I would loved to have been there to rummage through all the goodies and crafts. Looks like so much fun, and I adore some of the homemade items.

  7. Ilona, you've been a busy, busy lady. The Christmas Fair looks like fun. I love the quilt covering your table. I don't think I would have been able to pass by the cake and cupcake table without buying something.

    Stay warm. I've read that the UK is going to be very cold over the next few days.

  8. Looks like a fun did well to resist the cakes!

  9. C'mon Ilona, get that heating on girl and spend that heating allowance like me, ha ha. I get really annoyed when I hear on the radio, people (pensioners)who say( "Its heat or eat.). Rubbish. Its about priorities. I'd like to ask them what they do buy with their money then. As you have pointed out, its possible to eat properly (except for big cream cakes) ha ha, if you look around and just ask yourself "do I need that?". Love reading your blog cos you are down to me.

  10. By the way, thanks to your blog I read Mike Knipe at Northern Pies. He is so funny. Wish I could do some of those walks. No chance, I would need to borrow your Rocky's pushchair ! Damned arthritis.


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