Saturday, 27 December 2014

Aaaah, there she is.

Hello, nice to see you. No snow here yet, guess we are lucky going by the pictures of disruptions in the transport systems caused by an arctic blast sweeping over the country. It has yet to reach the east coast. We've had a dry day, but it's raining now, I am snug back in my own house tonight. 
Has anyone got cats that love to play hide and seek? Mine seem to find hidey holes all over the place and sometimes it takes me ages to find them. When it starts to get dark I like them in. They are in the habit of popping in and out all day, but at about 5pm I start looking for them. If after several attempts to find them, walking around the garden with a torch calling their name and still no sign, I make another inspection of every nook and cranny in the house, just in case I missed them first time around. Can you see a cat here? No, I didn't at first, but looking closely there seems to be a bulge underneath the cover on the settee. 
Ha ha, she's made a little tent. Mayze you are supposed to lie on top of it, not burrow underneath it.

Henry choc lab is with the other sitter tonight, when I left the house I went to make a check on my friends rental house on the way home. All was ok, I picked the mail up, and made sure everything was secure. The new tenants move in next month, luckily the previous tenants have left it in good order. They have papered some of the walls, not my choice of design but the new people are ok with it.

While I was passing I thought it would be a good idea to check out the three shops for any reductions. I haven't much food left apart from frozen and a few tins, and I can't be bothered to do a full shop. I was lucky to find enough to keep me going until after the new year. Half price mince pies from the Co op, at 50p. I'm not that keen on them to be honest, wouldn't buy them unless they are reduced.

Also from the Co op, reduced diced chicken and cooked sliced chicken for the cats. Brussel sprouts reduced to 29p at Tesco, and I also bought cauliflower and broccoli, not reduced but at 49p a good price. The Spar shop had six eggs for 50p, have to eat them in the next few days. Also a pack of 8 scones 50p, milk 30p, and sliced ham 50p.

Well that's it for another year. Christmas has been and gone. I get more excited about the start of a new year. A brand spanking fresh new year. Love the idea of leaving the old one behind, and making plans for the new one. There will be no New Year Resolutions, just oodles of optimism that things are going to turn out fandabidozi brilliant. No if's, but's or maybe's, it will be chuffin brilliant.
Catch you tomorrow. Have a nice weekend. Toodle pip.


  1. I did well in the Coop today too. They were almost giving away food so my freezer is absolutely full now. Also managed to get some fantastic bargains in Tesco yesterday, including half price crackers for next Christmas!

  2. aww I had a calico named Annie Bananie who loved to burrow under the covers. Love the picture of your sweet Mayze!

    Also love your optimism! Wishing you the very best in 2015!

  3. I am so depressed at the moment dreading the new year your optimism is like a tonic thank you x

    1. I find there are good souls sharing ideas and perspectives in blog world. I hope you have a good 2015 and get support from family, friends, and even blog strangers,and seek help to move forward.

  4. Happy New Year Ilona!
    Keep enthusing and inspiring us all. God bless.

  5. Our Co-op's idea of a reduction is to knock 10p off something! lol. Nice to be home again ? Nothing like your own place.

  6. I have not got any cats now, but in the past had two. They were also good at hiding, and always finding the best places to sleep.
    New year new start. Just wonderful.

  7. I got bags of sprouts and Parsnips for 5p in our Tesco. I'd like some sunshine for the New Year : )

  8. I like you attitude! It will be a brilliant year if you keep looking at like that :)

  9. With your bright outlook 2015 is sure to be a wonderful year!
    You are a tonic in your own right! JanF

  10. sweet kitty!
    good for you, up, up and onward!

  11. My cat loves to sleep in hidden places like behind the pillow shams on my bed or under a small floral quilt I keep aside of me on the sofa ($1 at a church rummage sale).

    I am looking forward to the New Year, too. A brand new start.

  12. Your cat is so sweet to burrow under, but it could lead to someone sitting on her. Ouch. You got some good deals on food. Some years I choose a word for the year, do you ever do that?

  13. Hi Danneke. I have not published your comment on this post. I had to publish the one you were referring to, to be able to copy and paste it, then it was quickly deleted from here. You must have been quick off the mark to see it. The troll comment has been published in a new post. Thank you for taking the time to air your views. I appreciate it.


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