Saturday, 20 December 2014

Elvis is still alive

Hello. I've seen Elvis, not bad is he for saying he will be 80 next month. He has been reincarnated as a  security guard from Yorkshire. I went to the Arts Centre today to see 'The Kings of England' exhibition, a photographic collection of lookalikes, by Graeme Oxby. This Elvis who was appearing in the flesh is the subject of one of his photographs. 

Graeme Oxby is the man on the far right of this picture, he was talking to someone so I didn't like to interrupt.

Mr Oxby has a web site. He tracked down the impersonators at conventions and tribute concerts across the country. If you want to see a short video he made while doing this click here.   If you want to see some more of his work click here.  I have had a look through it, and to be honest, nothing grabs my attention. I see on the 7th of February they have an Elvis party, with live music and a bar, plus impersonators. That sounds like fun, don't know how much it will be, no mention of prices.

The battery in my watch packed up a couple of days ago, I was a bit lost without it. The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is look at the time, it is always on my wrist. Even if I wake in the middle of the night I want to know what time it is, that's why I keep a wind up torch next to my pillow. I am constantly checking the time. I lost count of how many times I looked at my bare wrist, then remembered. I got a new battery put in today. It hasn't cost me much, I found the watch about 15 years ago and have only changed the battery three times. It's a Casio, a bloomin good watch.

My specs broke today, they are half rimmed and the cord snapped and one of the lenses fell out. I had to drive home with one eye closed. Luckily I have an old pair to wear to go to town. I went to Specsavers, where I bought them from, and five minutes later they were returned to me, repaired. While I was waiting I was chatting to a young sales assistant, and mentioned that my old specs had discoloured nose pads and didn't look very nice. He said, I'll change them for you, and off he went leaving me all blurry eyed. A few minutes later I got them back, they look a lot better, like new specs. The staff always seem very helpful when I go in there, so praise for Specsavers in Scunthorpe.

I did a bit of shopping while I was in town, just to stock up on pet food and a few essentials to tide me over the Christmas period. I think I have enough to last me until it's all over and the shops get back to normal. I haven't bought any different food, just more of what I usually buy, bananas, eggs, quiche, cheese, cucumber, mushrooms. I looked at some treats, chocolate, cake, and ended up with a packet of jaffa cakes. That will do me nicely. Not bothered about Christmassy stuff, I stood in Aldi looking at the festive food and thought, I wonder if I should get a trifle, or a box of mince pies, or some Frerro Rocher (is that how you spell it). And then I thought, why am I bothering to look at this, stop wasting time, just go home.
Toodle pip.


  1. I did the same as you, looked at all the Christmas stuff but did nt buy. Looking fulfills a need in me somehow but I have no desire to buy what I see 99% of the time and even when I see something I perhaps would like I dont usually buy it. I am trying to divest myself of stuff not collect more. I have a big box of carefully stored fabric; enough for fifty scrap quilts which I am working my way through slowly....wonderful !

  2. I couldn't see a single one that looked remotely like Elvis!

  3. I actually enjoyed looking at his photo's on his home page. Got an eye for interesting faces. Not really into the Elvis look alikes though. There was only one King.

  4. Hi,Ilona,thanks for passing along the video link,I was surprised to see the younger ones being into it-toocute.A nice outing for you.Your watch and glasses story remind me to stop procrastinating on getting mine repaired.Ha,ha.We had a totally unexpected call at our door the other night and it was a local youth group carolling and giving out giftwrapped mugs with treats and a cocoa mix.So nice to be cheered up by them and we're finding our new town very welcoming.Who knew!Bye for now,regards,Destemona

  5. Elvis has left the building! :)

  6. One pack of jaffa cakes is like what I did, one pack of biscuits for each family member plus some sweets. That's enough energy!!! It can be stressful, better to keep it simple!!

  7. I couldn't have put it better Lizzie!

    Unfortunately, my prescription changes every two years and now I've been told that I need my eyes checking every year. I can't even keep the frames and put new lenses in as I need thick lenses and some frames can't accommodate them. Also, some opticians now won't let me put new lenses into my old frames. I have lots and lots of lovely glasses. I donate them to Sightsavers and I enjoy thinking that someone in the world is able to have a nice pair of modern glasses. I dropped one pair into my local Specsavers last week. Natalie

  8. I do like that about Specsavers, they always change the nose pads for me when I take in my glasses but they also give the lenses a good clean, much better than I ever seem to achieve by myself. With DH being a teacher he always get given biscuits and chocs by the school kids for Xmas, plus my sisters always visit a few days beforehand and usually bring edible pressies so I don't buy any extras. To tell the truth I'm a bit sick of Xmas food and have eaten far too many mince pies and biccies already. I'll be glad when the temptation is over and I can get back into my normal routine.

  9. Bloody hell Ilona - I laughed out loud! 'And then I thought, why am I bothering to look at this, stop wasting time, just go home'. I so identify with your sentiments. Its always nice to have someone you admire confirm your thoughts - its everyone else that's 'out of step'!!!!


    Jo in Western Australia

  10. Still reading Ilona but have been having problems with google, so unable to comment. Enjoy whatever you do over the next few days with your 4 legged family.


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