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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Searching for free crafting tutorials

Hello. My crafty friend Janet gave me a magazine called Craft & Click, The Essential Guide to Crafting Online. There are sections on Start Crafting Online, Social Networking, Create your own web site, Buying a Computer, and Buying and Selling Online. Whatever your crafting talent is, be it knitting and crochet, papercraft, cross stitch, or sewing, there are over 170 web sites listed to get you started with your chosen craft. How to build your own web site or blog, and join in with social networking with like minded people.

It's quite a pricey magazine at £7.99, there are 130 pages, but I can't see a date on the cover so I don't know if it is still in print. I wouldn't have bought it myself because there is a lot of stuff in there I already know, or stuff I don't need to know. It could be useful to anyone wanting to sell their work.

I've had a look through it for any web sites that might be useful, especially those offering free tutorials on how to make things. I was disappointed that several of the blogs listed have not been updated in a long time with no explanation of why. One had a post from the blogger saying it was to be the last post she was writing, she said goodbye to her readers. Some of the sites, were commercial sites, some of the blogs were marketing themselves and their products. They were touting for business, and loaded with adverts.

I did find one site that you might be interested in, Sew Mama Sew. Although it has adverts, you can ignore them, there are over 400 sewing tutorials and patterns. You might find something useful there. If you want to make a bag look at this page, 10 bags to make. If you want to make some quilt blocks, try Block of the Month. If you are considering starting your own creative business, look at Small Business Ideas.

I'll keep checking the rest of the magazine, and let you know if I find something that might be useful, and free,  to all you crafters out there. Don't forget, you can always check Yoootooob for free tutorials.

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.


  1. Thanks for sharing I have been looking for a site with free patterns x

  2. I brought that magazine a year ago and I agree lots of the links are not current or that special. When I re read it the other day I realised I had actually learnt a lot by blogging myself and just putting in various searches like "Free pattern for baby dress etc" and finding sites like Sew Mama Sew. I got another one from "Mollie Makes" Blogging a big guide to Creative content" which is mostly case studies of people who have done it and not a lot of technical content. I have found Sew magazine has quite good links in their articles but even they were looking for good blogs the other day to link with!

  3. YoooTooob is a wonderful resource - I've recently taught myself how to wet felt through tutorials on there. Kudos to the people kind enough to share their knowledge. :) xx

  4. Sew Mama Sew is a great website and I have it on my bloglovin feed. Bloglovin in quite good too as it suggests other related sites when you follow one as well. Looking forward to anymore good sites you might find as well.

  5. I enjoy looking at free patterns, mainly I just run a google search for them, but yooo tuuuubbbe is where i go when I want to learn to do things. I'm currently learning to rag weave on a yard sale picture frame $1.00 loom, my husband made, he just added nails, and some steel rods on the sides. So far, so good. If I like it well enough, we will make a bigger one next time.

  6. Youtube for crafts and for knitting/crochet patterns...

  7. YouTube is the place I go as well. x

  8. Hi.I'll check out that link,thank you.Usually I google whatever I need and can get lots of free tutorials from their list of answers,which are predominantly featured on Pinterest.My browser is now out of date and I can't access some but mostly am able to.Those are some lovely patterned bags you show.Also will check out some of the commenters suggested sites on your topic today.Regards,D.

  9. I agree with Little Miss Know it all that Youtube and Ravelry are good sites
    but I've found that Pinterest is amazing and you can find sites for anything you can think of. Maybe even Lorry driving! You are so impressive with driving one for so many years and making you a celebrity!! Love it!


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