Sunday, 15 March 2015

Which team do you support?

Hello, Hows your Sunday been, I seem to have a long list of things that need to be done, and things that I want to do, putting them in some sort of order is my difficulty. Not enough hours in the day. Yesterday I chose to ignore what needs doing and took time out to go to a football match. This is not something I would normally do, standing, or sitting in our case, with five and a half thousand mainly blokes yelling their heads off and singing. But, I'm game to give it a go. My friend Janet had a spare ticket for the Scunthorpe - Sheffield match and asked me if I would like to go. She is footie crazy bye the way, has been a supporter for many years, they go to all the home games and some of the away matches as well.

I didn't know that it is ever so noisy before the game starts, loud music blasting out, the singing, cheer leaders, the club mascot dancing around, it was a real party atmosphere. The tension building up in anticipation of a win. I made this little video just before the game started. I tried to do a short commentary but you can hardly hear my voice. You may need to turn the volume down or put some ear plugs in, ha ha.

How much does it costs to go to a football match? Janet says a senior season ticket costs £230 for 23 games, so £10 per game. Looking at the web site the price of just one game varies between £13 and £23. I think that the bigger more popular clubs would be charging quite a bit more for their tickets.

When the game started we were in the shade as the sun was overhead, but as time went on and it came down it was blinding and everyone was having to shield their eyes with their hand. I was ok because I had my union jack sun visor on.

The club mascot, Scunny Bunny, was dancing around the pitch before the game started. 
I felt sorry for the young cheerleaders, just as they were strutting their stuff the sprinklers were turned on and they got soaked. 
This man with the yellow flag was skipping up and down the side line the whole time. I missed the first goal because I was too busy eyeing him up. His sideways skipping amused me greatly, ha ha. 

Oh dear, someone has fallen over.

Scunthorpe scored the first goal, then Sheffield the second. Our goalie looked like he hadn't noticed the ball passing by him on it's way into the back of the net. Wakey wakey, goalie.  It finished a draw. A little bit of bother in the Sheffield stand, there was quite a lot of police in attendance. Someone had the bright idea of lighting a red flare. It sent plumes of red smoke into the air which wafted across the pitch.

Everybody seemed to leave the stadium in an orderly manor, it didn't take long to get out. The four legged members of the constabulary were there to oversee things.

Would I go again? Probably not. It was interesting to see what it's all about, but the game is too boring for me. All the stopping and starting, waiting for someone to kick the ball back onto the pitch when it goes astray, it even got kicked right over the top of the stadium and disappeared into the car park. The players getting their legs tangled up and falling over, stop while they pick themselves up, the whistle blowing and flag waving, oh, just get on with it. I don't mind watching a bit of footie on the tele, because they can cut out the boring long winded stuff and only show the goals. I like to see the skill in the few seconds leading up to shooting a ball into the net. A nifty bit of footwork can be quite artistic, almost like a ballet dancer, and the beaming smile on the scorers face is quite uplifting.

It's a bit too late for me to start following a football team now. I wouldn't mind going to see a rugby match though, all those beefy hunks charging round battering the hell out of each other. Yeah, that could be quite good.
Toodle pip.


  1. Which team do I support? Aston Villa! No, I really know nothing about UK football (called soccer in the U.S.) but I like Prince William and Kate and I know that William likes Aston Villa so that would be my team of choice.

    It looks like it was a lovely, sunny day. Nice to try something new.

    1. My favorite is my darling daughters team!

  2. Manchester United is big here in the States.

  3. Bolton Wanderers for me, i've been watching them a couple of times but thats only because the kids got some free tickets from school, its a load of messing getting there and back in all that traffic but i'm not interested in football.
    Working in the Manchester area all the talk is Man utd. and Man City which gets boring.

  4. Good for you giving it a try. I can't stand it either. I do find it boring. I also find it obscene the amount of money players get paid which is squandered on clubbing, drugs, booze, cars etc. All for kicking a ball about, And F.I.F.A., don't get me started on those wide boys! The Qatar situation is one big fraudulent joke.

  5. dh is a Carlisle United fan. Infact his brothers ashes are being spread over the soccer pitch next Saturday as far as I know. With us being in Canada, I must remember to get our niece to take some photos of it.

  6. My favourite episode of The IT Crowd reminded me of your post. I'm with you on it being boring, but good for you for giving it a try. Debbie

  7. Rugby is 100 times better - go on- give it a go.
    We used to go and watch Ipswich Town FC in our younger days, not now, much too tedious and FAR too expensive.

  8. That was a nice day out with your friend, if nothing else...The American version of football is far worse and the players get far too much money and attention...

  9. HULL CITY of course and we also have 2 great rugby teams. I'm always trying to win tickets to see a match at the KC Stadium as the City ground is nearby and I can hear when somebody scores a goal, when the wind is in the right direction :) ............ come on you TIGERS !!!!! (still in the premier division for now, fingers crossed).

  10. Footie, boring? Never! You have 45 minutes, then half-time (15 min), then 45 minutes, perhaps a few minutes added on as OT, then done. Football, here in the US, is truly boring. Start, stop, start, stop.

    I follow as many matches in the Premier League on TV as I can. Still not crazy about the MLS, but do follow the US team (and am optimistic during each World Cup that we might make it to the final!)

    Mary Eman

  11. Geelong Cats, Australian Football League. I tend to get distracted from the game & people watch. Its fascinating how passionate some individuals are for their team.

  12. Everton all the way, our entire family are 'dyed in the wool' blues! Everton are also known as 'The Toffees' .......because of the sweeties, Everton Mints!
    I agree with you on the rugby thing though, although I watch football I prefer rugby, it's a game played by men with funny shaped balls! Watching Chris Robshaw, the current England team captain makes this 'woman of a certain age' very happy, oooh, his thighs!

  13. Hi,Ilona.Not really a fan of soccer(footie)but hubby and I were very enthusiastic when our two played when they were little, it can drag on sometimes.I like watching the World Cup soccer on TV and that is enough for me now. A day out and enjoying the air and being with friends doing something different is a nice change.Thanks for the video, Miz Sportscaster!Bye for now, D.