Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A visit to 20 21 Visual Arts Centre

Howdy Possums Thought I would share some fabulous flower pictures tonight. I went off in search of some long lengths of wood today, and made a visit to the 20 21 Visual Arts Centre while I was in town. I found some wood by the way, I'll update you on that tomorrow, but lets have an arty day today. 
Here is the blurb from the North Lincs Web site about this exhibit, The Chandelier of Lost earrings. It's  amazing. 

18 April to 16 May
Sagar and Campbell
The Chandelier of Lost Earrings

The Chandelier of Lost Earrings is the result of a mass-participatory project by artistsLauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell. In 2011 the pair put a call out for people to donate individual earrings that had become separated from their partner. A successful press and social media campaign followed, resulting in them collecting over 3000 earrings over 12 months.  
From these donations they created a chandelier standing 2.5m high that drips with glittering jewels and delicate threads of fine chain. The Chandelier of Lost Earrings has now toured to several venues and connected with thousands of people. It tells hundreds of stories gifted in the form of a single, cherished earring - its pair having been lost. The artists asked many of the donators to tell them these tales and explain why the earrings were so meaningful to them. Some of these stories have been included in this exhibition. 
The Chandelier of Lost Earrings was overall winner in the Arts category in the 2014 National Lottery Awards for the best Lottery funded art project in the UK.  

If you want to know more about the chandelier and the artist here is a little video.

There are several flower displays dotted around the galleries, provided by members of  flower arranging groups throughout Lincolnshire. Last year they were all in one place together, but Antony Gormley's exhibition is taking up a lot of space so the flowers have had to be fitted in around it. This one sits outside the office door.

There aren't many flowers in this one, but it's an absolute stunner. I've put some close ups in here so you can see the materials which have been used. 

Everything has been placed with perfect precision.

These are small rolls of fabric.
and slices of  twigs.

The colours coordinate beautifully here. 

This one is like a cake on a plate, looks almost good enough to eat. 
My dinner tonight was also very colourful, and has been eaten. I called in at Aldi today as I was in town, my fridge was almost empty, all the yellow sticker food has gone apart from half a swede. I made a big pan of stew with the last of the veg, I ate two portions and two have gone in the freezer.

This is a no cooking meal, salad. Iceberg lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, beetroot, spinach, a quarter of a quiche, and I put some carrot, radishes, and broccoli in the mini chopper. I don't bother with salad dressings, sometimes I buy dips if they are reduced, sometimes mayo, these are a treat. I have a jar of tartar sauce in the fridge so today I had a little bit of that.

Do you know, even with longer days, I still don't have time to do all I want to do. I always seem to run out of time at the end of the day. So here I am still tapping away at almost 10.30pm. Time I got off here and went to bed. Goodnight and Toodle pip.


  1. The arrangements (should I call them that because they really are pieces of art) are fabulous..but that chandelier is something else! I want it for the bedroom.
    Jane x

  2. I like the chandelier very much. I know someone who made a lampshade from buttons she had collected over the years. Debbie

    1. What a fun idea! JanF

  3. So many beautiful things! It was a real treat to see everything. JanF

  4. Hello.That chandelier is amazing and a very interesting story to it.The floral art/arrangements are so lovely and deceivingly simple looking.I really like the intricacy of the on using yarn.You've had a nice outing today and sharing the photos and info is much appreciated.I read that latest results on studies show that all cruciferous veggies i.e.cauliflower,brussel sprouts,broccoli etc.have been found to destroy cancer stem cells when chemo does not.After 24 hours of exposure to the particular antioxidents in these vegetables 75 % died.Interesting.We knew they were good for us and the science is strongly behind it now.I like that chopped veggie salad you had today and will give it a try,never thought to mix carrots,radishes and broccoli-looks good.Bye for now,D.

  5. A chandelier of lost earrings -- what a brilliant idea!! The other exhibits are lovely too. That gallery would make a very nice afternoon visit.

  6. That chandelier is beautiful as are the flower art. I can't arrange flowers for toffee.

  7. Thank you for sharing with us! Natalie

  8. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures, your food looks divine x

  9. Your dinner sits very well with the pictures of the artwork, just as colourful and well arranged, just not as long lasting I guess ;-)

  10. Beautiful art pics ! Have you heard the saying ' We eat with our eyes' ? Your dinners always look beautiful too. AussieCheryl : )

  11. thanks for sharing the gallery details. I am like you , never enough time. I looked last night but was in bed before you blogged. J went off on his birthday ride at 3.45am - an early start.

  12. Amazing piece of art the second flower arrangement! Entirely different technique compared to the others. Thank you for sharing.

  13. What a lovely post today! That chandelier is awesome and very deserving of an award.