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Monday, 25 May 2015

All my doing

Hello. How has my day been? The usual, Crafty Club, a bit of work on the summer house, a Rocky bimble, made the curry with the beans, and sewing I'm making some shopping bags. I'll not go on about it, instead I'll recall an incident that happened a couple of days ago.

I was browsing in The Range last week, a big department store on a Retail Park just outside of town. Not looking to buy anything, but to get ideas. I do that sometimes, I call it research, or snooping if you like. I heard someone call my name, only she didn't use my first name, she used my middle name. I was day dreaming and she called again as if she wasn't sure she had got the right person. I looked and recognized her face but couldn't think where I knew her from. Then the penny dropped, ah yes, once she started talking I remembered. P joined the Introduction Agency / Singles club I used to run. She was a bright full of fun happy lady, always had a smile and a laugh and a joke. Down to earth, call a spade a spade, that's what I liked about her.

She hooked up with an equally happy and fun loving chap called B, they were well suited. I saw them lots of times during their courtship, always smiling always talking about where they were going and what they were doing together. I was so pleased that they had found each other.

I asked her about B but was very sad to hear that he had passed away five years ago. She had nursed him right to the end. She missed him greatly but she told  me about the little dog she adopted. We chatted about allsorts. She is still down to earth, the odd swear word popped out which made me smile, yeah call a spade a spade I thought, ha ha. Then she said something which almost brought tears to my eyes. She said, 'Yes, I miss him, but we had ten wonderful years together, I was blessed.'

We said our goodbyes, she got in her car and I walked across the car park to mine, it was then I was smiling to myself. I remembered when they first met. Those two getting together was all my doing. If I hadn't started the club they may have never met. I'm pleased that they had ten happy years together. Oooh, I'm coming over all soppy just thinking about it.
Toodle pip.    


  1. What a nice encounter . Lovely to know your part in their story .

  2. Hi.Gosh! your history is so unique-interesting that you were a matchmaker who ran a club to bring people together.It's a lovely,heart warming story of those two.Her loss of him is sad but it sounds like she has come to terms with it.It's something I think of having been partnered for 41 years with my hubby and obviously we all go, sometime.Moving post today,thank you for sharing,bye for now,D.

    1. Hi Des. I had three years of getting people together and I loved it. I was invited to the first wedding, there were more after that. People formed long term partnerships and friends. I loved the meet and greet, shy people were coming out of their shell, and blooming. I am a happy person and it made me happy to watch the dynamics of interaction once I had done the initial introductions.

  3. You are a tender hearted soul. JanF

  4. You made two people very happy for ten years. What a wonderful thing to know!

  5. aaaah That's nice.


  6. That's a wonderful thing to have done and to know that you have kickstarted happiness for many people.

  7. you are a woman of many, sometimes hidden, talents.


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