Sunday, 10 May 2015

Did something go wrong? No, I just got bored.

TV Licensing usually send out letters every two years to those who inform them that they don't need a licence. I've just had one, blimey the last two years have flown by. They ask if my circumstances have changed, am I watching  live TV. They ask me to get in touch with them if  I still don't watch live TV. I rang  and confirmed that I still don't watch TV. They sent me another letter saying they will get in touch again in two years, and that someone may visit me to check. I look forward to that. Just make sure that he is about 6 feet tall, lean and fit, drop dead gorgeous, single, and has loads of dosh. 
Talking of TV, which I don't watch, (I watch on the computer), I had an email from Channel 4. They asked me why I didn't watch the whole of the programme 'Hidden Villages'. What a flippin cheek! Surely it's up to me if I stop watching a programme before the end, I don't have to report to them why I switched it off. They sent a link to resume watching. Nothing went wrong, Channel 4, I just got bored with it, and I have other things to do besides gawping at a screen which no longer holds my interest.  
They want me to check the FAQ's, to find out why I stopped watching. I had a look and couldn't find the 'I got bored with it', answer, so I thought stuff it, I don't have to explain anything.

Still on the subject of TV, I caught a bit of it while I was at Janet's looking after her cats. In the mornings I took my breakfast with me and sat with a cat on my knee, then in the evening I made a hot chocolate and had a flick through the channels, with another cat on my knee. It was hard to find something interesting. One programme I thought was utterly bonkers, why would anyone want to watch someone else watching TV. People sitting in their own homes on the sofa, watching their own TV, and millions of other silly buggers watching them. Bonkers.
No rain today YAY. The top is finished, all sides almost the same height, give or take an inch or two. There is one corner where the two sides don't match up, but I'll sort that when I come to put a roof on it. I spent the afternoon painting, looking quite good now. I got some info about where I might find some long timbers for the roof supports. I need some eight feet long. I'll go and check it out.  
Three doors which definitely need painting, these two,

and this one. When they are done I'll see how much paint I have left, the white ones are not too bad, so I might leave them.

Crafty Club in the morning. I'm off to cut a few squares for the patchwork sewing machine cover I am making, so I'll say Goodnight and Toodle pip.

PS. Just found two lovely comments from Jayne, on older posts, and I'm chuffed to little mintballs. She has been ploughing through the 2009 posts, good on yer Jayne. Thanks for reading.


  1. Unbeliveable ! How dare they even think its ok to ask why you stopped watching a programme. Talk about Big Brother ! I would have been fuming. We heard from t.v. licensing too. 4 years since we had a tele. We do subscribe to Netflix which we view on the computer monitor. Theres plenty watch on that. I am enjoying Foyle's War at the moment ,which I've not seen before.Its just about competitions of one sort or another on ordinary tele. Everyone wants to be famous. Missing......nothing.

  2. Nothing to watch on TV must be world wide - we have free to air here in australia but there is certainy not much to watch. Thinking of putting a tv in my granddaughters room that way I can sit in my loungeroom and have music playing instead!! A bit scary that they actually know that you have stopped watching!!

  3. Sounds like they are watching you, not watch them. Sort of smacks of invasion of privacy.
    When we decided to stop our cable tv over 18 years ago, the cable company refused to come and turn it off if we did not tell them why. After 2 weeks, my husband told them if they did not come and cut it off, he would climb the pole and do it himself, they came the next day. We never told them why.
    After all these years, I am still cable free, but we do have dvd's and before that vcr tapes, we get from the library, and some we bought. They have been watched many times through the years. I don't regret it one little bit.
    If nothing else, we have spared ourselves countless hours of commercials for things we never wanted in the first place.

  4. Your summer house looks like one of those beach huts you showed us..stripy like a stick of rock!
    Jane x

  5. The Summer House is looking really lovely!

    I must say that the whole TV licensing in the UK is very odd to me. So if you watch TV live, even if it is on a computer, you need a license I guess. I do watch a number of programs here in the U.S., but I think if I lived in the UK I would go without a license, too.

  6. I hardly watch tv these days. There may occasionally be something on iplayer like a history doc but its mainly boring to me. I do like netflix and can usually find something there, but you still have to sift through a certain amount of dross. I like youtube for documentaries.

    Your summerhouse is really taking shape. Wow. I could see a few window boxes and summer bedding plants to add to the colour. Debbie

  7. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished summerhouse. X

  8. We still have to pay for viewing rights in Switzerland if we watch Tv on the computer, it still counts...seems fair to me, it's copyrighted, after all. Not much on, tho', even with 100s of international channels...
    When you cancel normal TV some one comes and locks the antenna plugs in your house, though in our case, they just locked the cable going into the house, far easier. Then if we or a later occupant want TV they can get it unlocked. May all be ancient news by then though, at this rate!

  9. Your summer house is looking fab :-)

  10. I find Gogglebox fascinating, once you get to know the characters it really is a laugh watching their interaction with the programmes they watch. But I am starting to think it is losing it's sparkle, the first two series were great and now it's a bit 'same old, same old'.

    I can't get over them checking up on why you didn't watch the whole of the programme, they should have a box on the FAQs that says 'mind your own business' for you to tick!!

  11. The tv licence thing has always annoyed me loads. If you only watched ITV you still need a tv licence, even though ITV don't get any of the licence money for their programmes. It doesn't make sense. And you are right there really isn't very much worth watching on any of the channels these days. We don't live in the UK but occasionally have a look to see if there are any tv series that we might want to buy. There rarely is any. Perhaps the era of the tv is coming to an end.

  12. Hello,Ilona.Glad the weather was nicer for you.Your recent painting and adding to the roof has really paid off and it's looking charming and quaint(.Geesh!I sound like a realtor)Re: TV ,it's very uninteresting mostly to us too.There are a few good nature and history and dramas we watch free with our digital antenna that we bought when we moved here,as mentioned.I cannot imagine paying for a dish or cable as many many people do.May as well burn your money IMO.The fact that your viewing progress is being monitored without your permission shows how insidious and invasive the" big brother" technology and screening of citizens has become.Somewhere a shift has taken place with total disregard to personal privacy.We are being observed regularly- ostensibly for the better good and safety against terrorism cyber crime etc.In reality everyone's info is bought and sold, held without consent and treated as a commodity by marketing companies, corporations, and government information services and archives.The internet and social media make us very vulnerable to this.Even if as an individual you have nothing to hide ,it is outrageous and deplorable and another nail in the coffin of civil rights and democracy.I care about that and it is unnerving to know that we have no control over it.Oh my! There's my rant for the day!Thank you for being you and getting miffed about what most take lying down,bye for now,D.

  13. sheds coming along. what about corrugated plastic sheeting for the roof?

  14. In Germany, we have to pay just for the possibility to wath TV, whether we have a TV set or a computer or not. It is about 13 pounds per month. Every household has to pay, also every workplace, because there are computers where you could wath TV, It is a rather new regulation and there are some lawsuits going on, but I am afraid if it is the government against the citizens, you know who will win. Btw: If you are deaf and blind, you can apply for an exemption.
    Best wishes from the lovely river Rhine