Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Horsing around at Bransby

Hello. We've had an afternoon out with the Gee Gee's today. It doesn't seem like one whole year since I last visited Bransby Home for Horses, how time flies. The charity does such good work rescuing horses and ponies, and luckily it's not far for me to travel for a visit. Today I took a friend who loves horses. It was a bit blustery but thankfully we didn't have any rain. 
Bransby is near Lincoln, it is one of the UK's largest equine welfare charities, founded in 1968. The centre is open every day and dogs are welcome. Admission and parking are free. During 2012 and 2013 they took in more than 180 horses, most of which were rescued from situations of cruelty and neglect. A second site has opened in Herefordshire but this is not open to the public. Between the two sites there are currently over 450 animals in care. Here are a few of them.

It's tea time in this paddock.

That's it, all full up, let's have a look over here. The horses came to check us out. 
Ooo err, they look very big,

Help, they're all coming over now.

Now look you chaps, just because I'm little, don't think you can pick on me. You stay that side of the fence.

We moved on to have a look inside a big shed. These horses were being led outside for a run about in a field. 
Nosh time here.

Give us a kiss. Go on, you know you want to.

A man came with his tools and was giving them a pedicure. 
 Steady now, we'll have you looking pretty in no time.

What a handsome chap this one is. He was a bit vocal, I imagined he was saying let me out of here, I want to go for a run.

Rocky decided to get out of his buggy and go for a walkabout.

Back outside again, we went across the road and found some little ponies. They were so cute.
These three were running up and down the field enjoying a game of chase.

A man came to collect the ponies, it was feeding time.

Think I'll stop here, I like it. Can we come again. 

It was a lovely afternoon out at Bransby, it is one of my favourite charities. If you are thinking of visiting check out their web site, but be aware that if you read the rescue stories some of them are upsetting. There are also details of how you can support them, should you wish to. Thank you for reading.
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  1. What a great charity to care for these animals. I can't imagine abusing such lovely creatures.

  2. It looks like a wonderful facility for these beautiful horses. I do not want to read the upsetting stories so will just be glad that this charity exists so that the horses have comfortable lives today.

    I thought that Rocky might be scared but it looks like he enjoyed his visit.

  3. Horses are such gorgeous creatures, aren't they? They remind me of dogs but bigger! I've always been a bit skittish around them. Beautiful!

  4. My heart breaks when I think of animals suffering...this was a lovely post. Thanks for sharing your day.

  5. The horses are so beautifully groomed and healthy-looking. How wonderful that there is a place like this to take them in. I love the photo of Rocky surrounded by horses looking down at him with such curious it's. I bet they never saw a dog in a pushcart before!

  6. What Linda said!

    They sure are beautiful! I think they thought Rocky was a cutie too.

  7. 450 in care?! That makes me sad,but happy that they are now safe and well looked after.
    Jane x
    PS Looks like Rocky made a friend or two.

  8. Hi.Such beautiful creatures.They are doing a wonderful job caring for them and the amount of horses they have is heartbreaking to hear of.Rocky is fearless,isn't he?He takes it all in stride,lovely boy.Thank you for opening my eyes to this.Great photos,Ilona.Regards,D.

  9. Sounds like a great day out. I can never understand the mentality of abuse to anyone or anything.

  10. Aww, this is a lovely post! Definitely going to try and get up there for a visit to support them - I feel a birthday present coming on ...

  11. Gorgeous!! I think I already said I supported this place as a child and am delighted they are still going and doing such a great job.
    I had a Haflinger (Austrian mountain pony) for 25 years, a wonderful time and a great character, which all these ponies and horses surely have, too :) Mine was pretty spoilt and it's so sad to think what these beautiful and charming animals must have gone through to be where they are when they all deserve the best… thanks for all the pics, Ilona!

  12. What lovely pictures. The horses are beautiful! Rocky looked like he was enjoying himself.

  13. What beautiful horses. I can't understand why anyone could abuse or neglect these wonderful creatures. It sounds like the charity does some amazing work. It's somewhere I would love to visit if I am ever in that part of the country. It looks like Rocky had a good time too. X

  14. Sweet horses and Rocky too:))

  15. Hi Ilona, Love horses since I was a little girl. I used to ride once in awhile but the fees got to be so expensive. That is so nice that there is a charity who takes the horses in and cares for them. Love that.

  16. Hi Ilona. Pleased you enjoyed yourself at Bransby, it's a great place and they do marvellous work with the horses. Us local folk (of which I'm one), are able to use the horses muck for our gardens (but always give a donation) and is so much better for our plants/shrubs. I've got a couple of apple trees and every year take my windfall for the horses to munch on.

    Great that you have now added Anonymous, it means peeps like myself who don't have a blog (and wouldn't know where to start, despite Sue - Our New Life in the Country explaining it to me - all I did was muck the computer up. I was in Hubby's bad books for a while! :-( ). Looking forward to reading about your jaunts. Best Wishes. CMW.