Saturday, 30 May 2015

It's a cover up

Hello. A little bit more progress to report today on the summer house. There was a long narrow gap which needed filling, glass or thick clear plastic would have been preferable, but I don't have any. It's narrower at the top than it is at the bottom, such is my cockeyed way of constructing things without measuring. So. I made a frame to fit the gap, then used an unwanted mini greenhouse cover for the glazing. Stapled onto the frame it's a bit wrinkled, but it fits perfectly.  
Four small blocks of wood, one in each corner to hold it together.

Now for the door, I had an idea. I don't want a proper door, I just need something to cover up the opening when I am not about, and overnight. I have a massive sheet of heavy duty grey plastic. I remember scavenging it out of a skip at a factory years ago while my lorry was being unloaded. I think it's what they use for roofing. I measured the opening and cut a piece, adding a bit extra to the length. 
Then I got two old broom handles, I'm going to make a sort of blind. I folded the excess and stuck it down at each end. Insert a broom handle and stitch along it with a big needle and string, to hold it in place.

Screw two coat hooks on the top bar to hang it. This can easily be taken down and rolled up when not in use. Easy to put back when it's time to lock up and leave it.

Screw two more coat hooks half way down and stretch a bungee elastic across to stop it from flapping about.

The gap above the door has been filled in with plastic.

Good eh! A simple idea. I've got all sorts of stuff in my garage, always seem to find something to do the job.
Thanks for popping in.
Toodle pip


  1. What will you use this place for when you are finished?

    1. Sitting, relaxing, thinking, listening to the birds, watching the trees bending in the wind, listening to the rain on the roof, enjoying the open air, looking at the sky, day dreaming, reading, sewing, painting, eating, drinking wine. It will be whatever I want it to be.

    2. Oh my word. I want one. Debbie

    3. That sounds nice. I just wondered because your real house is next door. But it is nice to have an "away" place without the distractions of home.

  2. Looking great! Your own little sanctuary! AussieCheryl : )

  3. Hi.Good for you, improvising with the door ideas and coming up with the blind.Good job!Your answer to Joyful's querie says it all.Thank you for sharing the progress and inspiring again with your unique take on things,it's always interesting to me.Bye for now, D.

  4. Enjoy the fruits of your hard labor!

  5. can just see you doing all of those things in your little summerhouse. Don't forget cushions for the cats and Rocky.Mind you the cats will just take your seat when you're not looking,ha ha. A lot of hard work went into that project. Well done!