Saturday, 27 June 2015

Come to our village fete

Hello. What a scorcher today, thank goodness the sun shone down on our village fete. We had our usual pitch for our cat rescue fundraising stall. Being at the end of the row means we can spread out to four tables. With the amount of stuff we had to sell, the tables were full to overflowing. Sue also did a tombola, which was a big hit. S'funny how people are happy to spend a couple of pounds on a gamble yet can't find anything they want to buy. We only have the best quality tat of course. Rocky was there to oversee the operation, and was a bit overwhelmed by all the attention. I'm thinking of starting a fan club for him.  
This spot is ideal, the sun comes round and goes behind the trees, so we don't have to sweat it out under the full glare of it. The shade keeps us lovely and cool.

The main pathway through our village green. There was the usual attractions, bouncy castle and teddy bears picnic for the kids, music for the teenagers, ice cream, cakes, games, stalls, and competitions.

Get your face painted if you dare.

Pull a string and win a prize on the Hospice supporters stall. 
Looks like the tea is brewed at the refreshment tent.

Games for children to play.

The refreshment tent is busy now. Most of the stalls are run by local charities. The mother and toddler group always have a good turnout, as do the ladies selling the cakes at the W I stall. The Bowls Club had a competition which was very popular. All in all, a very enjoyable day. A time for families to get together, and in my case, a time to meet all my friends. We did very well on the stall, boosted the kitty, ha ha, with a bit more than a few quid.

Now what was I doing last night when I dashed off to the theatre. I went to see this show. I have never seen burlesque before, only pictures. I imagined it to be fabulous costumes, buxom dancers, raunchy singers, naughty comedy, and fabulous sets. Maybe be a bit like Liza Minnelli in Cabaret. 
I was in the second row as I like to be close to the stage, I was getting all excited and looking forward to it. I must say I thought the first half was pretty boring. The female compare was stomping up and down yelling for everyone to whoop, stamp their feet, yell, and make as much noise as they could. I don't want to do this, I have come to watch a show. The company consisted of four dance girls who weren't anything special, the compare who was getting on my nerves she was very shouty, a comedian who would have been lost without audience participation no jokes he was just being daft, one blonde singer dancer who was a bit like Marilyn Monroe and a bit better than the four ordinary girls, a bloke who swung from the ceiling on chains he was good, and another singer dancer called Amber Topaz, who was very good.

I noticed that the guy sat next to me wasn't clapping at all, so during the interval I asked if him and his wife were enjoying it. He said no. He was of the same opinion as me, nothing special a bit boring. It did pick up a bit during the second half, but in my opinion there was only a couple of good acts in it. Of the four girls, one had implants, the others didn't, one had hardly any chesticles at all and struggled to get both her tassles swirling at the same time. The costumes weren't anything special, I expected lots of glitz and glamour. The show was disjointed, and that bluddy woman stomping about yelling her head off was a pain in the @rse. Why they had billed it as Britains Biggest Burlesque Spectacular, I'll never know. It certainly wasn't spectacular, there was a painted backdrop which stayed the same throughout. No change of scenery, and no special effects except some glitter being thrown about. It was like a show done on a budget. Mind you, by the noise the audience was making I suppose the majority enjoyed it. All in all, a bit disappointing.

Anyway, time to chill. Thanks for popping in.
Toodle pip


  1. It's all so very 'British' love it all x

  2. The fund raising sounds fun and successful; the kitties will thank you. Too bad the show was a bust.

  3. The fete looks great, wish I lived nearer I would have come x

  4. Love the village fair and bless the donations. My hubby would hate any show that burst out in song although he might not mind twirling tassles. haha. Me...not so much nor would I have been a fan of all the yelling about. But glad you at least enjoyed part of the show.

  5. Fete looks fun and what a beautiful day you had. Glad your stall did so well.

    Sorry about the show and so disappointing especially when you have paid quite a bit for the tickets. Have they changed the cast and perhaps these are the "B" players.

    Oh have you had a chance to enjoy your summer house with the nice weather?

  6. Put me down as a charter member of Rocky's fan club!

  7. The park day sounds great, the photos look very interesting!
    Good for the cat fund!

  8. It's a shame about the show. I'm pleased you had a lovely day for the fete. What a wonderful community event. X

  9. Chesticles and tassle swirling made me spit my coffee on the keyboard! :D

  10. Glad that you had a nice day for your fete, i bet Rocky helped to boost your sales.
    The poster for the burlesque show looks good but i'm sure that i wouldn't have been tempted to see it at that price even if there were twirling tassels and chesticles. I can imagine you're disappointed after paying all that money.

  11. To be fair - twirling your tassels at the same time is never easy. Sometimes when something is so bad - its good. Glad your fete went well. Debbie.

  12. Lovely pics of your village fete and I'm glad little Rocky was there to keep an eye on things. Looking at the fete pictures does gladden my heart as I think England is still alive and kicking! I probably would have spent all my time sitting outside the refreshment tent and salivating by the WI cake stall xxxxx

  13. I'm glad that your stall did well. Natalie

  14. I often participate in a raffle or some other kind of chance fundraiser. I know the money goes to the cause and it is a but of fun to think about winning something and not just buying.

  15. Hi.Sounds like a disappointing time at the theatre with the show being a dud etc.It's so nice to see the photos from the fete and am so glad your stall did well.It looks like a lovely day for everyone including that dear boy Rocky.Fundraisers for good causes always get me to loosen the purse strings and anything I can't use gets regifted.It's all for a good cause and I enjoy that kind of thing.Thank you,bye for now,D.

  16. Perhaps Rocky needs his own Facebook page. 🙃


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