Saturday, 13 June 2015

Not in the mood for shopping

Hello. Did you notice I had the day off yesterday. After doing a few long posts recently, I thought I deserved a break, also to let you catch up on the reading. I know I get a bit behind on reading other people's blogs, sometimes it's a job to fit everything in. So to give me a rest and you a rest, I miss a post and we can all chill out. 
I had a quick trip to town this morning. Bumped into an old trucking pal, a driver I used to work with at B & Q. Good to have a catch up, he is still working and doesn't look any different than he did seven years ago. 
I popped into the Arts Centre, Mr Gormley's exhibition is still there, it's on till the end of the month. After that's gone there will be some disruption while they have a refit of the facilities. It will still be open but on a reduced scale. 
I stocked up on my seeds at Holland and Barrett, seeds for me that is, not to sow. I don't usually shop there because I find it expensive, but they had a buy one get one half price offer on, so I got two packets. 
I wasn't in the mood for shopping so I flitted in and out of the shops, just picking up a few things I needed. Paid my credit card bill at the bank, got Bugsy's chicken slices at Poundland, and spent £5 at Aldi. Couldn't be bothered with anything else. 
It was chucking it down all morning, so didn't get to take Rocky out till this afternoon. We went a walk round the village and I took his buggy to rest his legs when he started to slow down. He likes a bimble though the churchyard, all his favourite smells are there.
I made another bag today. Random pieces of coloured cotton fabric stitched onto a plain green bag. Easy to do, not much thought needed, I can churn these out quite quickly.  
I'll get off now. Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your Sunday. Toodle pip


  1. Entitled to time off Ilona. Must be a difficult to think of different subjects sometimes. Been chucking it down all day in Derby too. I've only been to the corner shop.I do quite a bit of shopping there anyway. Hate supermarkets. Poor Rocky.Hope you both didn't get too wet. Just seen on Facebook my son and daughter in law have a new rescue dog.No picture yet. The last one they had was adopted very quickly but it was a cutie. Hopefully a nicer day tomorrow, nite nite.

  2. Your bags you make are lovely and always different . Your posts are always enjoyed. It must be tricky at times blogging re readers expectations of regular posts .

  3. Hi.We've had crazy weather here.Two days ago thunderstorms,pelting rain and then hail.Yesterday more thunderstorms and rain,and today a glorious calm day.Also do not like big store shopping and the crowds but sometimes a necessary thing.Am glad you had a little break from blogging.Your output is tremendous and so informative,Ilona,and on a daily basis too.Gosh that is a lot.I know you love it,and it is much appreciated by your readers .It's your blog and whenever you post it's up to you and how often you choose to do so.You accomplish a great deal and always inspire.Oh,damp weather must affect dear old Rocky,but he still keeps going.Such a trooper.The new bag pattern is very pretty and a great idea to use up remnants.Is quilting a blanket something you've done?Bye for now,D..

    1. Hi Des. I've made a bed quilt from remnants and a few charity shop shirts. 620 squares hand sewn. I don't feel the need to make another one, hence using up bits on smaller projects. Raining again here.

  4. Beautiful bag as usual! We have had lots of rain here too. Doing outside work between the showers. Have a great day.

  5. Have you thought about selling your bags on Etsy? It would give you a few dollars and I know you would put it to good use.

  6. Another nice bag. I second the idea of you thinking about selling your bags on Etsy because I think you would have some buyers. Having said that I don't have any idea how much trouble/bother it is to pack them up and mail or UPS etc.

    Glad you have a day off but wanted to say I missed you.

    Take care and I hope you get some nice summer days so that you can enjoy your summer house.