Saturday, 8 August 2015

A visit to Wolds Way Lavender.

Good morning, it's the weekend again, time goes far too quickly. I started this post last night, but put it on hold till this morning, couldn't keep my eyes open. So what did I do yesterday? The morning brought sunshine, so only one thing to do, go out. Now where can me and the pooch go within about an hours drive? I gooooglied, days out in Yorkshire, and came across Wolds Way Lavender. I had thought about looking at lavender fields in the past, but decided against it because the web site I saw said 'sorry no dogs'. But this one was different, dogs allowed on a lead. Then I realized there are two places which look similar, the other one, Yorkshire Lavender, do not allow dogs, so it was to Wolds Way lavender that we journeyed. Easily found just off the A64, Malton to Scarborough road. 
I was given a map upon arrival at the entrance, free parking and free entry by the way. I decided to let Rocky walk around by himself, the paths are flat, some gravel and some grass. He was fine, but very slow. He is very cautious when we go somewhere new, always looking to me to show him the way, no worries about him running off. We don't need a lead, he will just bimble by my side. 
There were a few people about, not too crowded.
There is a path through the middle called 'Harry's Sculptured Walk'. It looks as though some of the exhibits  had been there for a while and were in need of some refurbishment. Maybe a rusting dinosaur looks more in keeping with the rotting tree trunk, I don't know. Maybe a blast with a steam cleaner and a spray of oil would buff it up nicely.

The willow deer family looked a bit weather beaten, antlers missing and some were crumbling beyond recognition. The sky looked better than the sculptures.

The lavender fields are in flower, plenty of bees buzzing around, and a grassy path to walk down the centre of the rows.

They have a miniature railway which is used to bring in the wood for the distillery and the harvested lavender from the fields. It also provides rides for children, although it wasn't running yesterday.

There is a viewing area in the distillery, with an audio/video presentation running continuously on the screen. I sat and watched, it was interesting to learn how the oil is extracted from the flowers. 
If you fancy a cuppa there is a tea room which serves cakes and ice cream. Also a shop to buy gifts or a lavender treat for yourself. I thought I might splash out, hey, go wild once in a while, but common sense prevailed and I decided I don't actually need anything. £15 for a pot of cream is a bit out of my price range, I put that in the want category.

WWL is great for kids, lots to do. There's a giant Games Maze. It's about 1km long and lots of games to play on the way around it. There is also a Nature Walk which winds it's way around the perimeter through the trees. There are ponds with big fat colourful fish in them, raised herb beds, and plenty of places to sit for a while. Here is a link to their web site.   And this is a link to their 2015 brochure. I have no idea what the Yorkshire Lavender place is like, if someone has been there, maybe they could tell me. They don't allow dogs so I couldn't go there.

On the way home, I just had to stop at the famous Wetwang Fish and Chip Shop. A £1.50 portion of chips was just the thing to fill my tum.  Heaven. I need chip shop chips at least three times a year, ha ha.

We made one more stop on the way home, which I will tell you about tomorrow. So till then, I'll sign off. Looks like another nice day today, so best to get out and make the most of it. Have a nice weekend.
Toodle pip

PS. Hi. I've just re read this post and can see an error. When I said I decided to let Rocky walk by himself I meant without the pushchair, I felt he was able to cope with the distance on his own four legs. I didn't mean that he was allowed to go off lead the whole time. You can see the lead in the dinosaur picture. I dropped the lead on two occasions, when I stepped a few feet away to take a picture. At no point was he allowed to wander around by himself. 

PPS. Thank you all for adding your bit to the Summerhouse post yesterday, I was amazed at how many comments there were. I am chuffed.


  1. What a wonderful outing; I don't think I've ever seen a lavender field ! And a wonderful idea to have a "want" category. So clever, like postponing it but not giving up completely. I might fool myself this way too !

    1. Hi F in F, A lot of things get put in my want category, a few of them are upgraded to needs, but most of them fall by the wayside and drop off the radar.

  2. I've never seen a lavender field but they always look wonderful in photos - it sounds like a great day out!

  3. I love lavender. A few years ago I tried to grow it but did not have much luck. Now after reading about your excursion I think I might try again.

  4. Perfect day wasn't it - free entrance to beautiful lavender gardens, not crowded and fish shop chips for a treat.

    Do you drink a cuppa or are you strictly a coffee person?

    All the comments yesterday indicate you have a huge following on your blog. Well done.

    1. Hi Sandy. I have no tea in the house, I am a coffee person. I will drink tea on occasions, but only to be polite if someone offers it. Usually if they are making one for themselves. Not keen on it though.

  5. Lavender is a very favorite of mine. We have a winery that also has a lavender field with lots of lavender stuff for sale: soaps, dried bundles, candles, etc.

  6. lovely to see this. unfortunately, I react badly to lavender and so have to avoid the fields. makes me so mad because I love the smell of lavender. great to see you are getting out.

  7. Lavender is my favourite scent. Natalie

  8. What a lovely place to bimble about in love the smell of Lavender and listening to bees happily buzzing. Must make a note of the place.
    Wetwang fish and chips are the most tastiest ones I have tasted for a long time. I think everyone should go there at least once :)

    Sue R

  9. I saw your pic of chips and thought "oh I could just eat those!" (just been for 40 mile bike ride), and then my husband rang up (on his way home from paragliding) and said "Do you want fish and chips?". YES. Not sure if the chips will be as good as yours look though.

  10. I have seen some amazing snaps on twitter of lavender field being harvested, and I cannot imagine what it must smell like in those huge fields!
    My two cents on something:
    Even though my dog is trained to heel on lead or off, I always keep her on-lead in public places when there are other people around, and I certainly would keep her on lead and at my side in a place that specifically allows "dogs on lead." It's a matter of being a good citizen (dog and human), I believe. People who think the rules do not apply to "my dog" are the reason dogs are sadly not allowed in so many places.

    1. Hi. I've just re read this post and can now see why you made the comment about dogs off lead. When I said I decided to let Rocky walk by himself I meant without the pushchair, I felt he was able to cope with the distance on his own four legs. I didn't mean that he was allowed to go off lead the whole time. You can see the lead in the dinosaur picture. I dropped the lead on two occasions, when I stepped a few feet away to take a picture. At no point was he allowed to wander around by himself. Sorry to give you the wrong impression.

    2. Sorry if I misunderstood!
      I also didn't mean to sound like I was scolding you, in particular. I've worked in a lot of places where the "dogs on leads" or "no dogs allowed" was a big headache, and as a dog-lover, it's a bit of a soapbox for me now.

  11. I assumed that you meant no pushchair for Rocky! I know you're a very responsible dog owner (slave) and would not let Rocky walk around anywhere 'off lead' unless it was permitted!
    I love lavender and although I grow a lot in our garden nothing compares to walking through fields of it!
    I make lavender scones throughout the summer months, I love them but DH isn't fussed, he says they taste like soap! After thirty years of marriage, it's like water off a duck's back!
    It's years since we had fish and chips from Harper's in Wetwang, it's a drive of about 140 miles each way, which, as good as they are, may be just a tad too far just for a chippy meal! Perhaps it's time to organise a short break in Beverley, I love Beverley Minster, and personally think it's far nicer than York Minster!

  12. Hello.Your outing to Beverley Minster,and the lavender farm looks like such a nice time.I am imagining the incredible fragrance from the fields.It looks like there are different varieties growing there.I've had success with different kinds here and I like the smaller plants that take up less space in the garden here because there's not as much garden here as we used to have.I dry it and use it around the house and love it's smell.Lavender products are always expensive it seems,here too. expensive.As you said a want not a need.You have great willpower, I think.Essential oil is something I will try first when I'm bothered by something.Often that does the trick. Aww,Rocky....such a well behaved boy and am glad he was feeling up to a" bimble" around there.So nice to see him do that.His life with you is so good,Ilona,and brings many smiles to your readers.Gosh - those chips are calling my name.Yumm.We have chip trucks here but they don't seem to be as good as the ones I remember from childhood.To save money and get the preferred taste we make them at home sometimes and it is such a treat for us.Not the healthiest but life is too short to be too strict about such things,yes?Thank you for sharing and the photos are beautiful.Too bad that the sculptures have seen better days.The weather takes it's toll.The deer are sad looking,they really should do something about that..Bye for now,D.


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