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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Do you know what's at the back of your cupboard?

Hello. I'm getting quite excited about the summer house  now, did you like my sea view, ha ha, painted on the back of the garage. Just the finishing touches to do. This morning I was firkling in the cupboard under the stairs for my gigantic box of washing powder, the plastic tub under the sink needed filling up. Lo and behold, what did I find, two packs of carpet tiles brought from my old house when I moved here, that was 18 years ago. I had forgotten all about them, just goes to show how you should turn out your cupboards and drawers now and again, just to aquaint yourself with all your possessions. These are going to come in very useful as a floor covering in the summer house. Fantastic find. 
There is a door which is mainly glass, on the hedge side. All I can see is the pallet holding the side together, so I need to put a curtain up to cover the ugliness. After a search through my stash for suitable fabric I found this colourful piece of canvas which used to be a wind break. I think I got it out of a skip somewhere, it was earmarked for shopping bags, but this will be a better use for it. Two seams had to be unpicked where the poles went through, it was a bit mucky so I washed it. When it's dry all I need to do is iron it, trim a bit off the bottom because it is too long, and push a wooden rod through the top seam to hang it. Job done, easy to make curtain.  
I was in the garden all afternoon yesterday. Caught Mayze napping in the bean bed. Bet she is not pleased this morning to find her snug little bolt hole has gone. I stripped it of all the foliage, nothing is growing anyway, and now it is covered with plastic. Part of my big tidy up, I'll decide what to do with it later. She has a new dry bed on the wooden shelves next to the garage. 
Just to let you know I am getting towards the end of my yellow sticker food. These are the ingredients for a smoothie made with the prepared fruit, grapes, a tomato, salad leaves, and chopped cauliflower added. I will go to tesco sometime this week as I have a £4 off voucher, would be daft not to use it, and I need rice pudding and bran flakes. 
That's all for now. Going to lay the tiles, hope there are enough, might have to patch it up with other bits of carpet. Looking like a nice day, best get out while it's fine. Catch you soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Loved the your seaside view. Curtain also fab. The carpet tiles are a really good rediscovery, just what was needed for the summer house. "Firkling" is such a good word, by the way, I'm going to try to use it myself!

  2. I tend to forget stuff I stored years ago, I've just figured out we may have enough odds and ends of emulsion to do the whole house, it to was lurking under the stairs where I can't get to it

  3. "Do you know what's at the back of your cupboard?" Dust and cobwebs? ; >)

    Yes, yes, I do! I move 2 years ago. I have rearranged the closets twice since moving trying to get the best use out of the space I have. Going from 5 bedrooms, 2 and 1/2 baths, a formal dining room and a library, to a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment has been quite a condensing affair!

  4. Hi.It's always a fun thing to come across useful things stored away.We purged greatly before we moved here but some things still came until we are sure we won't be needing them in the future.That three year" haven't used it then lose it" rule organizers have made popular is something I do not adhere to.I've had to go scout around for stuff I've given away and need again.That adds up even at thrift and re-store prices because it can't always be found for free if your timeframe is urgent.Example :the extra sump pump my hubby brought,"just in case"and replaced the more inferior one here with,doing the installation himself.Saved us oodles of denero.That canvas curtain is very beachy cheery,a nice touch.,the stripes add pizazz.Hope the carpet tiles work out.Ah,Mayze does look like she's frowning,well if not that then she has a baleful look today.Too funny!.Take care,bye for now,D.

  5. I recently found the top of an old 1980s Laura Ashley corduroy dress that I had partly disassembled awhile ago. I finished taking it apart and made a cozy cushion for my cat.

    The fabric for your curtains is lovely, just right for a summer house. Hope the carpet tiles work well for the floor.

    Your painting on the garage is fabulous! I love it.

  6. It's always nice to find something you had forgotten you had, especially when it's someting that you need at that moment. Well done on your finds. That curtain will be just the job for the summer house.


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