Friday, 4 September 2015

For those with a sweet toof

Hello. Here's something to be going on with while I get on with house and holiday prepping stuff. I really must get off my backside and get some practicalities done, so to keep you amused for a few hours have a look at this. If you love sweets it will make your mouth water, if you love colour you will instantly feel refreshed and happy, and if you love innovation and ideas you will feel inspired. See what you think.

Candy Anatomy, Delicious Diagrams

Catch you later.


  1. How clever. Once you passed your exams you can eat them too.

  2. A great way for us to pass our time, while missing you and your wonderful thoughts and ideas.

  3. Excellent, what a fun way to learn! Weather's not up to much round here, hope it stays dry for your holiday.

  4. Hi.we've had our labour day long weekend here and I've taken a break and am catching up with reading now.Wow,the candy creations for learning anatomy are new to me.Very creative and enjoyable way to study and learn the subject.Thank you for spreading the joy.D.

  5. Ha, thanks for the link Ilona, the candy diagrams are great, inspired! :)


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