Friday, 16 October 2015

A few dipsticks about tonight

Hello. Haven't we got a lot of Autumn colours around us at the moment. This is the Lime tree near my house, the one that smells gorgeous when the flowers are out in the summer. It's a bit of a funny shape, lop sided, the electricity board had to chop some branches off because they were growing very close to the overhead cable. As you can see there are a lot more leaves to come down. It's not very often that someone sweeps them up, they are just left to blow around. 
This is the time of year when you have to watch very closely where your dog does it's poop. Take your eyes of it for a moment and you have to search for the deposit in the fallen leaves, ha ha.

This afternoon I made a three day big pan of veggie stew. That's the last of the potatoes out of the garden. The carrots are yellow sticker, 6p. Frozen broad beans, the last few in the bag. Two Quorn fillets cut up into pieces, they were on special offer, six for £1. I had a tub of not very nice soup in the freezer, made from yellow sticker chopped veg, that went in as well. I use porridge oats to thicken it. Chuck some spices in, and it's wonderful, warms the cockles of your heart.

I am making cotton shopping bags at the moment, the ones you can fold up and put in your handbag. Finding some nice colours to use up.

This afternoon I went to town, first popped in at the cash and Carry on the way. They had some jars of tartar sauce and only one day out of date, 20p each. I had some of those. Whiskas pouches were £2 a box so I had some of those, a good saving.

A few essentials from Aldi. I found a bag of bananas with nine fruits in it, the price is 68p whether there are seven, eight, or nine in it. Cheese is a good price, £1.55 for 350grms, and the veg specials were 39p so I got broccoli, potatoes, and a big swede. No wine or cider bought, I'll give it another week before I treat myself to a tipple. I also managed to completely ignore the cakes, biscuits, sweets, and chocolate. I have to confess I bought some chocolate brownies last week, but only because they were on a yellow sticker. It's hard to say no when they were only 15p.

I watched the first episode of The Apprentice last night, only because I was curious about what Claude Litner was going to be like as Lord Sugar's right hand man. He has been in previous episodes where he grills the candidates about their CV's and he has been pretty cruel to them. The lad that got chucked off was a bit of a dipstick, a likable chappie but more of a joker than a serious contender. I think I may continue to watch it, I can do a bit of sewing at the same time.

The High Street in the village is closed tonight, they are digging the road up to lay new gas pipes. There is a ruddy great sign on the approach to the blockage warning that it is closed and an arrow for the diversion. I've just been out with Rocky, what do people do, totally ignore the sign and go steaming past it. I'm sure some people must be blind, or daft. What dipsticks they are, ha ha. They have to do a three point turn and go back the way they came.

I'm going to get Bugsy cat down from upstairs and sit him on my knee while I watch the second episode of The Apprentice. Thanks for popping in. Catch up soon. Toodle pip


  1. That stew looks delicious ,That's what i like about the winter , great stock pots full of goodness but not as much as a bargain as yours although i think i have found out what morrisons are doing with there yellow sticker stuff , they are reducing it to half price at midday and it is selling before it gets to be reduced any more , well thats what they are doing near me ,mind you half price is better than nothing xxx

  2. there are lots of road closures especially overnights around here. we got off the A1 today because of hold ups. fortunately because we know the cycle routes we were able to get home by quiet roads. as you say there are a lot of dipsticks about - speeding ones are dangerous.

  3. My favourite time of year is when the lime trees are in blossom. There is a long line of them along Osmaston road. I can smell them when I reach the bottom of my street...that's before crossing the main road. I wish there was a "Lime Trees" perfume. I would definitely buy it. My "Ilona" bag went out with me today, to Spondon,ha ha. It had my Mum's birthday present in it. I was taking a chance cos she has her eye on that bag !

  4. The leaves are so pretty. I live in a tropical climate where the leaves do not change color and I miss it.

  5. I think Claude's been fairly mild so far....I hate those apprentices though, what a horrid self-centred and pretentious lot they are (as usual), don't give a stuff about anybody else, just want to make loadsa money and that's that!

  6. It just goes to show how big a lime can grow. No wonder the ones in your churchyard are kept pollarded. We have a row of five along our frontage and get them done every 2 years. I don't know who planted them about 75yrs ago (we've been here 45 years) but they do need a fair lot of maintenance to keep manageable. All our neighbours love them especially when they change colour in autumn.
    Wendy (Wales)