Monday, 16 November 2015

Something has tickled me ;o)

Hello. I'm giggling here, can't tell you why, I'll keep it to myself, oh dear I can't stop, and now I'm LAUGHING OUT VERY LOUD.

The house has scrubbed up nicely, it's pristine in fact. Now that's sorted I will try and keep on top of it. There is a downside to having a tidy house though, I'm going to have to get things out again when I want to do some crafty work, and then the mess will return, ha ha. It's an ongoing circle, tidy, put away, get it out equals messy. Oh I give up. Chuffin housework, Domestic Goddess I am not.

I found time to help my friend deliver the parish newsletters in her village today. I volunteer to do that because it is quite energetic to run up and down the road, in and out of the driveways. Good for the old ticker, good to keep the muscles supple, stops me seizing up.

The visitors are due tomorrow so I might be a bit busy.

Catch you soon. Toodle pip
Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I'm off to bed.


  1. I have long wondered about you and visitors, they must be very special people to you. Look forward to hearing all about it!
    Sometimes we deliberately invite folks over just so it forces us to do a big tidy up, I am not sure how unusual that is!
    Have a lovely visit. JanF

  2. Hi, understand that one not a serious crafter unless you make a mess, but then you need to tidy up, so you can make another mess lol.....sitting in the newly decorated lounge, i am allowing myself one box of wool and no more to find its way in you think it will work?..not so sure, Good luck keeping on top of the craftiness x

    1. Hi. No, the balls of wool will mysteriously multiply. You have got no chance of controlling them ;o)

  3. I think I've just worked out why you're laughing .... I've just been blog-hopping ;-)

    1. You've got it. Clue is in a previous comment ;o)

  4. You are such a tease! Hope you have a lovely time with your visitors x

  5. Hi.Coincidentally have had company and a very special over night guest for a week now,have cleaned our house top to bottom and the bathroom three times is coming again on Thursday and I've blown my budget this week for sure.( on food and extras)...ah well,it doesn't happen very often.We are just so happy to be seeing everyone even if it is all at once.Am pleased your amused and having fun,hope all goes nicely with your visitors,Ilona,bye for now,D.


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