Monday, 21 December 2015

Monday is always busy at Tightwad Towers

Hello. Aren't you just glad that the shortest day is almost over, tomorrow they start going the other way and we get a little bit more daylight. It was nice and warm in the Village Hall this morning, not quite a full house as some of the ladies are busy with Christmas preparations. 
A little bit more playing on my practice piece of needle felt. The needle bodger thingy has five needles in it,  I think I prefer to use them singly. 
I went to the mobile library today and changed some books. Stan won't be coming next week as it's a Bank Holiday. Don't know why I picked up Fitness Cycling, I have a bike but don't use it much. Still, it looks interesting to read, and it might prompt me to get on my bike. I like Jo Brand, she makes me laugh.

Last week I went to the big library in town and chose these three books.

I took Heidi to see Marian the vet this afternoon. She took a sample of blood and she will test it. Heidi seems perfectly ok at the moment, she has just finished a course of tablets. Maybe this is going to be the pattern in the future. When she is poorly some tablets will help boost her red blood cells.  Marian will tell me more when she looks at the sample under a microscope.

It was Carol Singing and poetry in the church tonight, I thought I would show my support and meet friends. After the singing there was refreshments. I must say, the mulled wine was very nice.
Can I ask if any of my readers live in or near Horncastle in Lincolnshire? You  might remember I visited there once and wrote about it. Someone in Surrey has sent me an email, they are thinking of downsizing and moving to the Horncastle area. If anyone can help with local information please let me know, send me an email, then I can pass on your details so the person can email you direct, and you can communicate with each other. I don't have a great knowledge of the place so if you live there you would be in a better position to help.

I've left this late again, naughty me. Time to go for a walk. I'm on target with the miles, 43 so far this month. Another ten days and it should be around 65 if I do a few three milers.

Thanks for popping in. Catch up soon. Toodle pip


  1. I love your posts Ilona. It makes me feel like I am having a cup of tea with a mate and we are having a chat. Your felting looks so pretty. I am always a sucker for carols too, I would have sung out of tune though, soz!

    1. Hi.Your felting is looking good.You have a knack for it.Sounds like a lovely time at the church for carols.It's such a busy time for many.My goal is to remain unflappable through it all.Just two more parties to go to and then I'm staying home to nest.Our weather is so mild and wet we are all a little off balance,ha,ha,ha.We aren't used to it.Hopefully a little snow will come our way by Christmas.Am sending my Christmas wishes to you and all your readers,Ilona.Hugs and warmest regards,D.

  2. Good job on your first felting. If you have white roving you can dye your own colors in the microwave with Kool-Aid. Do you have Kool-Aid in the UK? I've also used Tumeric, red onion peels, etc.

  3. It sounds like your week is off to a lovely start, Ilona. Happy Christmas to you and your wonderful animal friends.

  4. I enjoyed your post.
    I love the church photos.
    Your crafts are always interesting, and the books look like good reads.
    I am always amazed by the miles you log .
    I have enjoyed your blog this past year.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and I hope to see more great posts in the coming year.

  5. The needlefelting looking good. I slip into depression if I don't have some library books to read so I always make sure that I've got new ones. I've got my books to read over the Christmas period - Dr Who, one on the royal palaces, a compendium of needlecraft stitches and an educational one on one of the Tudor queens. Natalie

  6. Horncastle area here , severe culture shock for townies moving to the depths of

  7. Now I know why I had so less time to do all my stuff yesterday! That was the shortest day. That's why I didn't get to do everything)