Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The bright lights of Vegas Village

Hello. I've done my two mile power walk a bit earlier tonight. I started this routine on December 1st so that's 30 miles done so far, plus an extra two miles because I did it one morning as well. It's been interesting to see how the Christmas lights have been multiplying as people have brought them down from the attic and adorned the front of their house. The village looks very pretty now.
This house puts on a really good display every year. Yes some people might think it's tacky and it has nothing to do with Christmas, but the retired Doctor who lives there does it for the children who love to see it. It makes me smile as well, and anything that brightens up the dull cold winter has got to be good. The same little figures come out every year, and I see he has got a few new ones as well this year. I am a big kid where decorative lights are concerned. I love the lights at theme parks and fairgrounds, and the New Year fireworks around the world are amazing. 
I stopped for a few minutes to take these photos.  

The Nativity scene is in a wooden cabinet with a glass front. 

I had an email from BBC Radio Humberside yesterday, asking if I could go on the radio tomorrow morning to talk about ideas for buying Christmas presents. I emailed back apologizing saying I couldn't because I don't buy Christmas presents. This morning an email came back saying could I still go on and talk about not buying presents and making home made presents. Yep, I can do that. So I shall be talking to Burnsy at about 9.40am. You can listen live online if you like, or later on the catchup.
BBC Radio Humberside
Click on listen live. The programme starts at 9am. David Burns is the presenter. And if you are listening live you can email Burnsy and he will read it out.

The old fridge stands in the middle of the kitchen, the space for the new one is clean, it's coming tomorrow between 9 and 12. I hope they don't turn up when I am doing my radio bit. I've got a Tesco voucher for £3 off a £20 shop, so I will be using that to stock it up. I'm off to see the rellies on Thursday, visit and chat with uncle and aunt, and lunch with sis and bro in law. One of my readers is down that way, if you see this and are free, send me an email, and maybe we can meet.

Thanks for popping in. Catch you soon. Toodle pip.


  1. I'm not into Christmas but I love me some coloured lights.

  2. From Margie in Toronto - Lights are a really big deal over here - Christmas is amazing! This past Sunday after tea out with friends a few of us drove down to an area known as The Beaches - it's right down by the lake and there's a really long boardwalk right at the beach that is lined with trees. Almost everyone for a really long stretch has been wrapped in lights - some all different colours, some all one colour - it was just gorgeous.
    I work downtown in the financial district ad all the banks decorate their head offices - the city hall is done up with a giant tree and the whole city is lit up - just what is needed at this time of year.

  3. Hi.Good news re:Radio Humberside and best of luck...I'm sure you'll dazzle them!Christmas lights are very pretty and some displays are so creative and wonderful to see.I used to work at a place with gardens that featured walks through a Christmas festival of lights.Stunning!We still have outdoor lights etc. in boxes in the hallway ready to go back into storage because we decided to give it a rest this year.Instead we have many decorations that don't use energy and a few things are lit.It may be time for us to let go and donate all that and let someone else enjoy and delight their family/children/grandchildren.Thanks for sharing the cheery photos,D.

  4. I like the lights too. I have a few up on the house and they are all solar powered which I like a lot.

  5. The people who put up spectacular light displays are giving joy to the community and they usually pay great expense to do it. So I really enjoy it :-)

  6. I enjoy them too. There's a house near us that really goes to town and raises a whole heap of cash for charity by doing so.

  7. I think coloured lights are pretty but these days many of the big lit up displays are just really ugly. Oxford Street lights used to be pretty but now rarely if ever are. Ugly because the snowmen, santas etc are ugly and don't need to be. They always seem to be designed to look rather grotesque rather than actually cute, pretty or attractive versions of the same things. Charm is usually always lacking. I think children have ugly toys, ugly advent calendars and ugly films to watch because that is what they are given by us adults who seem to have taste that is drawn to the unattractive. Christmas has just become generally ugly instead of magical and sparkling and pretty. Think how pretty advent calendars used to be, now they are just advertisements for the chocolate companies with ugly cartoon like graphics and the main point of them is to get your bit of chocolate. I remember loving mine, just for the sheer prettiness and magical excitement it inspired in me.

    I just find that I am out of step with a modern aesthetic and can't watch things like Toy story or Shrek because the computer characterisation is so ugly clumsy and unattractive compared with the skilfully drawn Disney films of the past. Ditto for Christmas, the decorations don't make me smile but shudder because who ever designed them in my view gave no attention to what they look like. So I like pretty lights, which hardly exist anymore but not the harsh abrasive ones, which are rarely in Christmassy colours in any case and just set my teeth on edge. Pretty colourful lights yes, gaudy and unattractive ones no. Cuddly, benign and cute lit up Santas are okay, leering or sinister and gaudy ones are not and kill off the Christmas Spirit rather than enhance. I would welcome pretty lights but not the ones we tend to have to endure. Christmas like everything else now has a hard-edged veneer, rather than soft edges which might just reflect our more gentler sides - if we actually have any of course which is easy to doubt in recent times. I tend to feel I've collided with something abrasive after bumping into a Christmas lighting display.

  8. It will be sods law that the fridge will arrive when you are on the phone! Hope it goes well. I used to do an early morning 3 minutes on Radio Suffolk about smallholding and one morning forgot to take the whistling kettle off before answering the phone, The presenter said he could here it and told me to go and turn it off but no-one else heard it and wondered where I had gone!

  9. I like the reindeer and toadstools. Whereabouts is your contribution to the BBC show? The broadcast is 03.03.02 long and I can't find you? Natalie