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Monday, 18 January 2016

Go Jo !

Hello. Just popping in before Crafty Club. Something caught my eye in the paper this morning. Jo Brand is planning to walk across Britain from Hull to Liverpool, starting on Thursday. As I have done a similar crossing three times, I think I ought to go and meet her to cheer her on. As usual, the mail haven't quite got the facts right. It isn't a coastal walk, it's a coast to coast walk, and it is less than 170 miles, I reckon about 150.

Read about it here.

Photo from The Daily Mail / Comic Relief. 

Catch up with you later. Toodle pip


  1. oh heck she doesnt look thrilled about it haha x

  2. I wonder how many times the camera crew give her a ride?

  3. She was in BBC Breakfast this morning talking about it. I hope she does well because it will be very hard and her usual amount of exercise is a walk to the shops, but as she says it's preferable to a sponsored cycle ride or sponsored swim. I agree. 👍

  4. Well Ilona, It ain't no picnic as you know. I hope she doesn't make herself ill trying to do this. A challenge is one thing but know your limits and she doesn't look like she is taking it seriously. Is this going to be one of the things that we find out afterwards that she really didn't do the whole walk and they faked it? Hope not, Good Luck Jo.

  5. Did they put your picture and name in the paper as well?

  6. I am a bit late to the party as I have only just discovered you and apologise if this is a bit long. I keep a flock of eight bantam chickens (have also been keeping a blog for the last four years) and always read the D.T.L. poultry section. I had run out of reading and went to a different section which gave the links to the 1930's house and Joanna. I read it and loved all the photos. I went back and read all the comments. I then found your frugal diary thread and read all of that and the comments. Now I needed more. I found your blog and started to catch up. I read all of your summerhouse building and comments. I was impressed. I looked at your food photos. I have just started reading your blog posts and comments. I didn't know where I should start to comment as I have been dipping in all over the place but I love your writing and your projects. You lead such an interesting life. I too remembered the things from Joanna's house from my nan's house and we have furnished our Edwardian house from antique shops but I couldn't live as she does without mod cons. I loved your summerhouse and was impressed how you built it yourself and used recycled products. I love your love of life and embracing the budget. There, I have rolled it all into one comment but have made a start. That is a really unflattering photo of Jo Brand but I wish her well on her journey and am sure she will do it.

  7. Just saw Jo on Look North and she said she's been training since last September. Being a comedienne she jokes about everything she does, but I think she will take this venture more seriously, seeing as it's for charity. I hope she does well and I'll sponsor her at the end.

  8. I love your artwork! Great job!
    Jo Brand is a her humour!
    Carry on crafting Ilona! :)))


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