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Friday, 1 January 2016

Just checking in

Hello. Just a short popping in post tonight. I've had a fabby day with my Aunt and cousins in Nottingham, have eaten too much, the food was great, cousin Kerry is a good cook and hostess. It was lovely to sit down at a table and share dinner and tea with the family. They make me feel very welcome.

I was late back so I have to confess, I HAVE NOT DONE A WALK TODAY! OMG what a let down I am. Here's me the leader of the walking group and I have hardly put one foot in front of the other today. I will make up for it, promise.

I have just sorted through loads of comments, it's great to see some of you report getting off to a good start. There were a few last minute joiners, I have added the names to the list.

It's fast approaching midnight, so I'll say Goodnight, I'm ready for my bed.
Thanks for popping in. Catch up soon. Toodle pip


  1. Don't be hard on yourself, Ilona. It sounds as though you had a wonderful day. So nice to spend time with lovely people.
    You are already way ahead of the game, and just look how many of us you inspire!
    I am eager to see how many miles I can accumulate in January. Our weather is fabulous right now.

  2. You'll always be walking leader to me !

  3. We will all have days where other things get in the way of our walks amd spending quality time with good family and friends is one of the best. X

  4. Wow your list is getting long. I won't join in because I know I won't be able to keep up with it, I have some of my own challenges for 2016. Bit I will enjoy following your progress. Good luck to everyone. Debbie.

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely day and I'm sure you will catch up with your walking. I got myself out the door but only got 2 miles in because my hands just wouldn't warm up. Warmer gloves needed apparently.

  6. You see that is the stress when you have targets. Please don't worry that you have missed a day. 1000 a year averages at roughly 3 miles a day (2.7), every day. That is a big ask for people with lots going on and even those who don't.

    I can imagine that a few missed days lead to 20 mile walks to make up and then another 3 the next day again. You have to, otherwise the gap gets wider and wider. So if you get ill or have affairs to attend to then that really is an added stress. What about really bad weather? A week out will really put your numbers out. It makes me anxious just thinking about it!

    1000 is a completely arbitrary number and I'm sad that people will feel failures if they don't make it. So if you walk 5 miles short of the target you will have failed? Unfortunately that is how people feel. You should be able to have a nice day without coming back and feeling guilty. There is no need. Another very active and fit blogger I read, completed the challenge last year but only right at the very last moment. I am not sure that if people who already have exercise built into their lives find it very challenging, that newbies would not find it overwhelming.

    1. Anon, If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I often make flippant tongue in cheek remarks. You will also know I don't worry, and I very rarely stress about anything. I feel insulted that you told me not to worry. I already knew I wouldn't be walking before I went out for the day. I know I can have days off because I will catch up later. I know my own abilities, and I like setting targets, it keeps me focused. I never feel I have failed because it's better to take part than to have given up at the first hurdle and not taken part at all.

      One sentence in your comment stands out to me. 'It makes me anxious just thinking about it'. Don't pass your anxiety onto other people who are more optimistic than you. Don't encourage others to give up before they have got off the starting block. Encouragement to give it a go is more important than dashing their hopes.

      I do believe in targets, if you just drift through life with no aims, no ambitions, what is there to live for? OK, not all targets will be met, not all ambitions will be realized, but if you have given something a good chance and it has not worked out, at least you tried.

      I know of the other blogger you mentioned who completed her challenge on the last day. Well done her, nothing wrong with that, a brilliant end to her year.

      Sorry, I don't do pessimism, and I don't tell my walking group what they should or shouldn't be doing. They are adult enough to make up their own minds depending on their fitness levels, time restraints and capabilities. I am not going to dampen their enthusiasm.

    2. A no nonsense quote I love:

      "Remember, you and you alone are responsible for maintaining your energy. Give up blaming, complaining and excuse making, and keep taking action in the direction of your goals - however mundane or lofty they may be."

      Jack Canfield

  7. Hear, hear to your response to Anonymous, Ilona. I can't walk far because of arthritis, but I'd not wish even to suggest that what you're hoping for isn't achievable. Good luck to all who wish to become fitter, I always like to applaud positive attitudes!
    Margaret P

  8. I think you are a good example of someone who engages with positivity - whilst also understanding that the unexpected sometimes happens and you are prepared to adapt to that.

    Unfortunately I can't walk much either, but I applaud you and the others who are taking part.

  9. Hi.Your day spent with family sounds luvverrly!I'm glad that it was such a nice time for you and all.Happy walking/activity of choice to everyone taking part.Bye for now,D.

  10. I have to laugh at your friend who also posts as "Anonymous" and is concerned for the ability of people to meet their goals. I was a very unfit lady with 70 excess pounds to lose, twenty years ago. I homeschooled my four children, worked around my husband's shift work, and kept up a very rural lifestyle that included keeping and harvesting a large garden, and making all meals from scratch. I knew that I needed to exercise, but distance to town, a tight budget, and a true dislike for anything that felt like traditional weight loss exercise, lead me to walking. I did 1 hour a day, everyday, for 2 weeks. Then I upped it to 1 & 1/2 hours per day, then finally 2 hours per day, nearly everyday. I walked in all kinds of weather, wearing comfortable shoes and appropriate outerwear. I only skipped a day due to illness (which was seldom), or a rip roaring thunderstorm. I walked in temperatures as cold as -40 degrees Celsius, again with proper layers. In a year, I had lost over 50 lbs. with little change to my diet. Another year after that, I tweaked my diet a bit and lost the other 23 lbs. My point? It never felt like exercise to me, and I kept it up because I enjoyed it. I walked by the hours and measured off my distance by the car odometer. My route was just over 10km. per day, or 6 miles. Do not worry dear Anonymous, about setting too high a goal. I actually walked nearly double your goal, and I thoroughly enjoyed my solitary walks in the country. Did I mention that we live in bear country. If an unfit, stressed out Mom of 4 teenagers can pull this off without feeling stressed, so can others reach their goals, whatever they may be. Besides, Ilona is right. Just setting a goal and aiming high makes a person a winner. I am challenged to up my walking time again this year. I have dropped back to an hour per day, 5 days a week, and I find it hard to keep off the weight. I decided that I would be selfish with the two hours per day again, to feel better, and clear my thoughts a bit. Thanks for the challenge, and good luck to every one. Mary Jane in Canada.


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