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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Turned out nice again

Hello. As George Formby used to sing, it's turned out nice again. The day started wet and drab, and it's ended sunny. Yesterday I made this, Quorn pieces, an onion, frozen broad beans and peas, and fresh mushrooms. Start them off in a splash of oil then add water and spices, simmer for ten minutes and add a pack of cheap vacuum pack noodles. Doesn't take long, I like quick meals. It was very tasty. There was three portions, one yesterday, and two for today. Bloomin lovely. If you want to make it you can use any frozen veg, or you could add tinned peas and sweetcorn, anything you like really. I only buy Quorn when it's on offer, ir was £1 a pack a few weeks ago so I stocked up. 
It was raining when I went to town this morning so I did a quick dash round. The pet food cupboard was getting a bit low, the kids have been sulking because I had run out of their favourite food. I was down to my last bag of nuts as well, so I needed to get some more. I have nuts on my bran flakes every morning. I usually buy walnuts, brazils, almonds, and peanuts. They all get smashed to bits in the mini chopper.

Rocky inspecting what's in the shopping bags. Don't worry Rocky, there is something nice for you in there.

The picture is coming along, it's looking good. The colour hasn't come out very well in this close up, the background is yellow. Still plenty to do.

Thank you to the Walking Group for sending in your mileages. I am updating the list every day. Some of you are going great guns, but don't forget, it isn't a race. Everyone is a winner.

Here's a little song from George, It's turned out nice again. Let's hope it turns out nice tomorrow. Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your Sunday. We'll catch up soon.

Toodle pip


  1. I've never tried quorn, but keep meaning to. Our son and his partner use it to bulk out steak mince.
    Oh, I love brazil nuts. It used to be cashews, but brazils have much more flavour. I'm almost out of them and now you've mentioned them I want some! Isn't it always thus!!!
    Margaret P

    1. Hi. Quorn make a mince, I'm assuming that's what you mean. Real price is not much cheaper than mince so it should only be bought when on offer. It would be cheaper to bulk out on pulses, red beans, chick peas, any beans. Protein in beans.

  2. It started lovely here and stayed lovely most of the day but it's raining now.
    J x

  3. It certainly turned out nice again, very cheery song from George.

  4. plenty of rain for us today. I have to report I am on target for my cycling challenge. I have completed 1175 miles to date and have only missed 2 days this year so thanks for the challenge.

    1. Amazing Brenda. You are a lot fitter than I am. Cycling in the rain is not something I would do.

  5. Love quorn. Thanks I'll try this recipe.

  6. i am learning - enjoy ilons blogs


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