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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Fabric junkie

Hello. I think I might be a fabric junkie. It was time for another Hull Scrapstore visit on Tuesday, I had three crafty ladies wanting to go and stock up. Oh how I love rooting through those bins, you never know what you might find. All the best pieces are at the bottom so dig deep. I filled my basket for £5, and bought another three pieces for £1 each. They just seemed to jump into my basket, ha ha. The red stripey one is going to make some smashing shopping bags. 
A big thank you to Elaine from Philadelphia who sent me a Birthday Card, and tucked inside was this quirky piece of cotton fabric. It's very unusual, I haven't seen this design before. Each figure has a puss cat.

I was on the radio this morning talking about my Summer House. James Piekos was standing in for Burnsy, and I got the call just before the end of the programme. You can listen to it here, on Radio Humberside. Move the slider across to 2 hours 47 minutes. It's only available for 29 days. A reporter from the local paper is after me, will probably speak to her tomorrow.

Thank you all for voting for me, I never expected to get this far. I didn't realize how many entries they received, it's amazing that they picked my shed to go through to the finals. Just as a recap, this is the page you want to vote.  You can vote for one shed in each of the eight categories.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I was surprised they let me vote. I live in Canada. Good luck!

  2. Good interview as usual. I wish we had a scrapstore nearby. I have a weakness for fabric - I love it. I will be spending the summer sewing, so many projects in mind...

  3. Pretty fabrics, and I do love the ladies with cats!

  4. Just listened to you! You came across very well and it was obvious that you had fun building your shed. Lovely to hear you. JanF

  5. I hope you win, it was a very good interview.

  6. I bet you had fun at the Scrapstore. I probably could run one for a year on my crafting stash. :-) My friend brings me some really lovely fabrics back from America. They have such a wide choice of amazing patterns. x

  7. I just put in a vote for your shed. Good luck! I'm wishing we had a scrap store here. The fabric looks great. Allie.

  8. Love the red stripey fabric. Have you ever thought of selling your bags on Etsy? You could make a little money on the side and pad your savings account.


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