Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Painting the world pink

Hello Peeps. That's a bit more of the pink paint used up, and I still have some left. Getting a bit short of ideas now. I have had these sticks in my garden for a long time, well over a year in fact. Guess where they came from? The churchyard when they trimmed the lime trees. You can see the post about it here. I thought it about time I gave them a new lease of life and make an artwork out of them. I had three fancy blocks with holes in, just the job, stack them and drop the sticks in. Looks pretty good, I think. 

There you are. You might remember I did something similar with a dead bush I dug up. The twigs were painted different colours and put into a plant pot. The post is here.

Dinner tonight was a super salad, nowt left, all scoffed. Cold pasta twists, mushrooms, cucumber, tomato, chopped spinach, boiled eggs, grated cheese, and mayo. £6 in a restaurant. Cafe de Tightwad Towers, really cheap.

I went to Arty Club this morning, I wasn't going to go because I didn't fancy doing water colour painting. I rang my friend to say I wasn't going, but she talked me into it, saying I could do my own thing. I sploshed some paint about and made a bit of a mess. The ladies are all very nice, but I am a bit of a rebel, I am also not very good at painting.

Thank you for your miles updates, I'm dead impressed with your enthusiasm. Long may it continue, I am willing you on to keep going and cross that finishing line at the end of the year. Do whatever miles you can, it isn't a race, everyone has different levels of fitness. Do whatever suits you best.

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Love your pink canes Ilona they look really striking with your pots.

    Re your last post regarding house contents insurance I have only been burgled once but was so glad to have the insurance people sort out the new back door and locks I needed and with the insurance money I got for a few things that were stolen I could replace them easily also being very elderly it gives me piece of mind. I do not have the expense of a car so it's not so bad. Good subject to discuss and reading the comments made interesting reading. Hazel c uk

  2. I love those twigs painted pink!!! Just think, if that old Tracy Emin had done this it would be in some ghastly gallery with a hefty price tag on it! But this is a special Ilona piece of installation art, and I just love it! My husband painted the canes for the tomatoes/sweet peas bright blue to match our pots a few years ago and they look great.
    Margaret P

  3. Love the pink twigs, it would make a nice bottle tree for the spring.

  4. Wow!! I love those painted twigs. I have done the same. I painted them white and wrapped fairy lights around them. They look nice in winter when everything gets dark. Love love love your pink display.

  5. Loved the pink twigs!
    The plate looked very appealing too!

  6. love your painted sculpture...(sticks in block...)

  7. It all looks wonderful against the yellow.

  8. I have a blue cabin a blue bird table and a blue bird house I can feel more blue approaching as we have lots of twigs and tree parts to makeover. What a fab idea to paint them can't wait to get started. Just went back to look at your multi coloured ones too, you are full of brilliantly creative ideas I just love it.

  9. Another good job, your meals always look scrummy.
    Would love to see a full tour of your garden x

    1. It's not that interesting, bushes, lawns that are looking weedy, ha ha. I'll post some pictures of the flowers, when they come into bloom.

  10. Love the colour artwork looks really pretty

  11. Lovin the pink. It would certainly cheer up my morning if I had that to look out on