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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Spot the wild flowers, ha ha

Hello. Here is an update on my flower beds. As you can see this one is full and lush with shades of greenery flopping over the sides. This is where I chucked lots of seeds, it's the nearest one to the summer house so I was hoping for a good display. Well it's full alright but where are the flowers? The £1 packet of wild flower seeds have turned into wild flower weeds, ha ha. 
I think there may be a flower or two opening eventually here.

Possibly a poppy.

Ooooh look, a thistle.

Gawd know what this is, the biggest weed, usually seen along the edge of a field in the hedge bottom. Charming I think not. With some thinning out, the most obvious weeds ruthlessly dragged from their neighbours so the rest of them might have a better chance of producing flowers.

In other beds the £2 fuchsias from Aldi are doing well, the slugs are leaving them alone. 

The five plastic storage boxes have again sprouted the greenery from the £1 packet I bought last year. Little pink flowers will be showing soon, whooopeeee.

On the subject of gardening I have a confession to make. Thinking about the hours I have to spend in the garden during the summer to keep things tidy, I have spent £20 on an electric hedge trimmer. As you know I do like being outside in the garden, pottering is my hobby, but the laborious task of keeping the hedges looking respectable can be a bit draining. So I have succumbed and bought a gadget to make the job quicker and easier. It's a cheapo Aldi trimmer, so let's see how long it lasts. I had a practice with it yesterday and whizzed through the bum fluff sprouting from the Leylandi hedge in no time at all. Yes it might cost a bit in electricity, and it's blooming noisy, but I can see it's going to be a great workout for the shoulder and upper arm muscles. I haven't bothered to pick up the trimmings, the lawn mower will do that next time I mow the grass.

A mixed bag today. I've got three arty crafty projects on the go so I keep dipping into them, bit by bit they will get finished. I've another one in my head, been sorting out some fabric for that. Library van day so I'll go and say hello to Stan and get some books changed. 3 miles to do. Kids to feed, poo picking, plants to water if it doesn't rain, might trim up another hedge if I have five minutes to spare.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. It never stops, does it! Glad you're keeping busy. It's the best way to be.

  2. I like the idea of bum fluff on a hedge! xx

  3. I'm sure if we have a bit more sunshine the flowers will start appearing. Jane. xx

  4. Hope to see the flowers when they bloom.
    I like my hedge trimmers, last years died.
    The set I have now was trash picked from a friend.
    But it works okay, so that is good, free and good is the way to go.

  5. nothing at all wrong with purchasing an item (hedge trimmer) to make life more efficient and easy.

    If it is easy to manage, then it is just the ticket.

    A lot of these gadgets have some pretty good warranties, so, if it doesn't hold up, try returning it / exchanging it.

    Hope more flowers show up soon, darn greenery can sometimes overwhelm them.

    Years ago, when I had not a flower which grew for me (my brown thumb)
    I bought some bedding plants guaranteed to grow. They did grow, and I was excited to finally have something growing. Sadly, they were pretty much planted weeds, and are tenacious. Years later I am still digging them out each year.

  6. Hope the hedge trimmer lasts you a long while, yes the poppies look ready to flower and the little pink flower is called oxalis, they are very pretty, the greenery is nice even if you have not got many flowers.
    The fuchsias were a good buy and will last a long time.
    Enjoy the day,
    Hazel c uk


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