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Sunday, 26 June 2016

What a friendly day

Hello. I've had a fandabidozi day, haven't been very productive in the arts and craft department, but had a smashing time with friends. A knock on the door this afternoon and a surprise visit from Julie and Frank,  from Norfolk, I last saw them in September when I went over there for a holiday. They are here staying at the caravan park for a few days, visiting in the area. They still have friends in the village even though they left here a few years ago, they like to come back now and again. It was lovely to see them.
I was invited for tea at the 1939 house, my friend Joanna was having friends over and she sent a text asking me to come along and meet them. Here they are, also dressed in their 40's style clothes. She had made a stew for them in a big pot on the range, I had beetroot sandwiches, fruit pie and cream, and cake. It was lovely. After a discussion about the recent political events we changed the topic to a light hearted banter, and had a right good laugh. It was great fun.  
I've got some photo's of the exhibition I saw yesterday at the Arts Centre but I'll save them until tomorrow. And some photo's of one of my raised beds, I'll post them sometime this coming week.

It's raining now, I was hoping to do a second walk tonight but I don't think I'll bother. Four more days to the end of the month and I have 15 miles left to do to get to the magic 500. How are you all doing? Still soldiering on I hope. I must admit I am getting a bit bored with the same route, so I will get on the bikehike web site and work out a different route, though I am a bit limited here, living in a smallish village. Some of the roads leading to and from the village have fast moving traffic so it would be dangerous to take my chances there. I prefer a tarmac surface when I am walking fast to enable me to keep to three miles in 50 minutes.

I'm chillin with a glass of wine. I'm finding I'm having longer gaps between bottles, it just sends me to sleep, even one glass makes me feel dozy. I only buy one bottle a month now. A four pack of cider lasts me about two months, that has the same effect.

I'll wrap this up before I nod off. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I have read somewhere the healthier you are, the quicker the effects of consuming alcohol. Have a good nap!

  2. Glad you had a nice time at Joanna's 1939 house. ( I have had a look around before ) Vince says she could " Steam Punk " ( look for examples on Google ) her computer, to fit in with the rest of the house , ha ha. Take care on your walking route.

  3. I'm reading your blog today Ilona in the hope there is some sanity......and thank goodness there is.....away from the woe's of this country over the weekend. I know all will be well but my goodness it's hard work watching the news at the moment. My dog helps with sanity too bless him, the look of "dog walk" please is all it needs.
    Just loving your friend and her 1940's lifestyle we have a "Vintage Lover Fair" at Heydon (Mid-Norfolk)in early August and it's fantastic, love the clothes, hair, music. Lots of 40's stalls plus retro stuff and we have a great time. They encourage visitors to dress accordingly, I try and look the part with my tea dress and shoes. There's always a few couple's that dance in the street with their 78's playing alongside their 40's car's....fantastic. Wine has the same effect on me, I've never been one to drink much and I dislike feeling squiffy (is that a word?) so I spritz it with soda. Rae x

    1. Hi Rae, Business as usual here. No matter how hard I try I just cannot muster up even a tiny dollop of hysteria. Keep calm and carry on.

    2. Thanks Ilona... Yes lets all just keep calm and carry on as we've seen it all before and more than once in some cases. Rae x

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely day. My walking has dropped dramatically since I resigned. Currently really under the weather with a streaming cold.... I will get back on track, though I won't walk anything like the amount I was doing when working.

  5. It looks like you had a fab time with Joanna and her friends. She is good fun isn't she, please give her my regards when you see her next. And she always looks stunning!

  6. Has Joanna found her Mr. Right yet?


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