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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Joan's sheddie poem

Hello. Our resident poet Joan has sent in another poem. It certainly made me smile, I hope it does you too. Thank you Joan, I'll be back later.

Hi Ilona. My humble offering to all the work you put into your summerhouse.
The Shed That Ilona Built.

We were there at the beginning,
When Ilona hatched her plan.
To build a bespoke summerhouse
As only Ilona can.

Enthralled with her vision,
And marvelling at her skill.
In only using materials
Destined for landfill.

She worked it out precisely,
With pallets and reclaimed doors.
Taking on a brand new life
As sturdy walls and floors.

We saw, like the rising phoenix,
The summerhouse grow and grow.
Taking form and taking shape,
Somewhere to relax and mellow.

With colourful mis-matched paint,
And furnished with jollity.
How could this 'shed' not win
First prize?  In all honesty?

No, it doesn't have a motor,
To rotate it round and round.
Nor does it have four wheels
To drive at speed on the ground.

Not used as storage,
For dolls houses and mowers.
Its purpose is tranquility
Amongst the plants and flowers.

The voting is all over,
And soon we'll know the result.
First prize by right should go
To the 'shed' that Ilona built.

It's just a bit of fun so I hope you like it. I couldn't let this momentous event go by without applauding you and your vision and skill. 
Take care
Joan (Wales)


  1. love it - can't wait for the results but you all winners

  2. A brilliant poem! Well done Joan. Are you a poet in general? I mean do you write a lot of poetry in real life or do you do it for "special" occasions? I used to write a bit but not much now. I've really enjoyed yours though, great job! Xxx

    1. Hallo Simplesista, No I'm not a poet, but I do like poetry and not the heavy, flowery stuff of years gone by. I like fun poetry and I have written quite a lot of poetry for my grand daughter who is five, on insects, fish, her super heroes etc. It was my way of keeping in touch with her as she lives in Devon and she loved receiving post. I have also written poetry on things that interest me or something that just pops into my head. You should carry on with your poetry writing, it's great fun.

      Joan (Wales)

    2. I write fun poetry! Last year I wrote one with my class about the joys of grammar, spelling and punctuation(poor mites are only 6!) and they performed it like a rap all year. I wrote one for a friend and colleague who had a big birthday too. But you have inspired me and I will continue with my poetry with my new class. Thanks for that Joan,xxxx

  3. Brilliant :-)

    I have my fingers firmly crossed for tomorrow nights programme. It's been lovely catching tantalising little glimpses of you and your shed over the last few weeks.

  4. Brilliant Joan, really looking forward to seeing the prigramme tomorrow and do hope Ilona wins, but to get into the final is something special to.
    Hazel c uk

  5. Very good. Natalie

  6. Haha! Lovely! I loved your shed. I wish we were that brave. We keep talking about erecting a shed and never following through. I love how you just jump into things feet first!

  7. Well done Joan from Wales. I really enjoyed that poem. You got Ilona down to a t. You could be the "Life After Money Laureate"!!

    Linda xx

  8. Great poem Joan in Wales. Good luck Ilona.

  9. Ha ha, I really enjoyed that. Well done Joan. Wishing you the best of luck Ilona.

  10. Super poem! And I totally agree, whatever tomorrow's outcome, Ilona is our winner!
    Margaret P

  11. Lovely poem - says it all - fingers crossed for tomorrow :)

  12. Great poem. Really looking forward to the finals.


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