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Monday, 26 September 2016

Breath in

Hello. I've got the sloppy habit of draping my trousers over the banister, because I can't be bothered to put them in the wardrobe and keep taking them out. I wear trousers all the time, alternating between four or five different pairs, so to have them handy makes dressing and undressing a lot quicker and easier. 
Some of them I haven't worn for ages, so I thought I had better try them on and see if they still fit. I think I have gained an inch or two around the middle, so best to check. 
Oh heck. These are my last pair of black denim jeans, it must be over five years since I last wore them. At one time I was always in denim and I preferred black rather than blue. They are a size 12 and the label inside says waist 26 inches, hips 37 inches. Looks like my bottom is not a size 12 any more. Nope, it isn't, the tape measure says I am 29 waist and 39 hip, so that's more like a 14. 
Maybe if I just breathed in I could perhaps manage to fasten them up. Yep, can do that. However, I can imagine that spending any length of time with my insides squashed up like a vacuum packed trussed up chicken would result in horrendous abdominal pain as my wind struggled to find the way out. I also doubt very much that I could sit down. Nothing for it, these will have to go to the charity shop. 
I don't think I need to be too worried about an extra inch or two, these are a perfect fit and so comfortable. They are lightweight and lined, with elastic around the back and a drawstring at the front, and supposedly a size 10. Very strange. It pays to try on clothes before you buy, not all labels tell the truth.

I had visitors this morning. Brenda and her family called in on their way to a caravan and camping rally at  Sandringham. The car was loaded up with three bicycles, they are hoping to get some rides in while they are there. I hope the rain stops for them and it brightens up a bit. Brenda very kindly gave me a bag of fabric which she doesn't need. I'm having fun sorting through it and adding it to my piles in the stock room. I'll take some to crafty club next week to see if the ladies can find a use for it.

I forgot to take a photo while they were here, but Brenda has one so I'm sure it will appear on her blog when she gets a minute to write up her trip report. Her link is on the sidebar, but here it is if you want to look out for the picture.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I don't even look at sizes anymore. "It pays to try on clothes before you buy, not all labels tell the truth" is SO true. If it looks like it might fit - I try it on. I am still making my way through your blog history. I am mid - 2014. It sounds like Brenda is a good friend. Hope you have a great week. Jackie

  2. LA Gear? I thought that brand went out of business.

  3. My middle has gotten much rounder since I have gotten older so now all I wear is elastic waist pants and I never tuck in my shirts. Comfort is my first priority.

  4. Well you got a giggle out of me at "vacuum packed trussed up chicken" what a wonderful phrase. JanF

  5. have to say, I am shocked...totally shocked, and really, what hope is there for me? sigh

    there you are,
    healthy healthy eating..very much so,
    constant walking/working/bending to tend to critters / house/ garden / shed..

    how could you possibly have put on an inch?

    does not seem possible..truly.

    I think you dried those jeans in an extra hot dryer and forgot..they SHRUNK

  6. Yes I go for comfort all the time now! SueM

  7. You don't look a like size 14 Ilona....I'm a 14 bottom and look completely different to you ...a bit more amply covered and curved (should that read bumps lol) .... Oh and shorter! Clothing sizes these days are so haphazard depending on style,cut and where from, the younger generation who are currently wearing a size 16 say would have been looking at probably a size 20 years ago. We are not so far away from the Sandringham Caravan Club site, it's lovely and they have woken to a nice sunny morning today. it's a great location for walking and biking although we have stayed away in recent years between late August until the frost's arrive because of the risk of seasonal canine disease to our dog. There are always signs up warning people about it. Rae x

  8. I'm pretty sure you are not a size 14. I don't think 26" is a size 12 (but may be an American size 12). Primark jeans are pretty weird for sizing. My daughter is very slim and has just bought 29" jeans - she would normally try on trousers at size 10. Something is wrong with the jeans not you. I am a size 14 and would love to have your waist.

  9. Those jeans must have shrunk, no way is a 26" waist a 14! I'm a size 10 and don't have a 26" waist. And I think you are slimmer than I am. Karen.

  10. I had to do a bit of investigating after reading this post and found out that British and American sizes are different. I am a 20 waist and wear a size 8 in American sizes but the conversion chart I saw said that is a British size 12. I had no idea there was a difference so learned something new with this post!


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