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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Group rambling, Brigg and beyond

Hello. I decided to go on a Ranger Ramble today. Sarah leads the group and I haven't seen her for a long time, so it was good for a catch up as well as a walk. Six of us turned up at the Leisure Centre in Brigg at 10.30am, and we set off towards the town. This bridge goes over the Old Ancholme Drain, it looks a bit murky. 
The market looked busy. It's a Farmers Market as well where the local growers and food producers come to sell their wares.

Passing The Angel, which houses the library, the local history museum, and has a nice tea room in the covered courtyard.

A bit further on we picked up the Old River Ancholme, it's very long and straight. Here we took a few minutes break at Cadney Bridge. The weather was warm but quite windy.

From there we turned left along Bridge Lane to Cadney village, where we split up and two people took the shorter route along the road. Four of us plodded across fields, and we met up again at Claytons Corner Cafe at Howsham. This is a popular place to stop off for walkers and cyclists, it was warm enough to sit outside.. We were all quite hungry so we made our choices from the extensive menu. All food is home cooked, and the home made cake display looked scrumptious. They also sell very nice ice cream. I've had a look at TripAdvisor and they have lots of good reports on there. Nice friendly smiley staff, with quick service. 
Suitable refreshed with full tums we took to the footpaths across fields, back to Brigg.

They called in at a pub in Brigg but I didn't want to so I left them too it and walked back to my car. I landed back home at just after 5.30pm. The mileage according to BikeHike was 12 miles, so that's given my total a boost making it 776 miles. Now I am chillin with a glass of wine.

It was a nice day with nice company, I might do it again sometimes.

Tomorrow is the last day of Open Studios, where the artists at the Ropewalk Gallery open their doors and invite any visitors to come and chat. I am quite looking forward to that. I hope you have a nice Sunday. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. looks like a nice day out. Pity I am going to miss that open studio .

    1. Yes, shame. It's on over two weekends in September. Some of the artists open their home workshops, but I usually only go to the Ropewalk where they are all under one roof.

  2. Wow 12 miles, good on you. I enjoy a bit of armchair travel in the UK with you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You have such a lovely life; it's a pleasure to come and 'visit'.

  4. Those long walks must be one of your secrets for staying so upbeat. May I just add that I love the way you keep changing the photos of Rocky ? It makes me a bit teary every time, it is so sweet !x

  5. Lovely picture of Rocky and Bugsy - so sweet. SueM


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