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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Start the day with a bit of scribbling

Hello. I went to the big library yesterday, more choice, and picked a few books out. This one caught my eye, bright and colourful. Maybe adult art books are too complicated for me and I would be better with this one for children. I will give it a go, when I have got a few moments spare. 
I'm going out now while the weather is dry and a bit sunny, it may deteriorate later on. Enjoy your weekend. we'll catch up later.
Toodle pip


  1. Hello Ilona.
    I have been out of email range this last week but have been feeling for you and your pain. When one loves deeply loss is very painful.
    Thinking of the happiness and fun you had with each other will not take the sadness away but it will help.
    I have now walked 675miles. ( up to the end of August) Various things have slowed us down over the last month but hopefully we'll get a few miles "in the bank" in case of calamities this month. Sue

  2. Ilona,
    Hope you have moved back to your bedroom and still not sleeping on a camp bed!.
    Regards Kirrie x

  3. A great idea! Through your link I have enjoyed reading Cassie Stephen's blog of all the wonderful art projects she does with children at school. Jan F

  4. Thinking of you and am pleased you are finding things to get absorbed in even if this is just for short periods. It's very early days so please be kind to yourself. Kristel.

    1. Thank you Kristel, I am trying to keep my mind occupied, but sometimes it is prone to wandering. Thank you for the bulbs, they will make a lovely flower display in the raised beds, Rocky's grave is in the middle of them.

  5. looks like a fun book....I like kids projects too...

  6. Hello,

    am wondering, if you know what is up, or is it my computer.

    had subscribed to you while back, enjoyed your posts. Lately, I have not been getting the email updates.
    I tried subscribing again, thinking somehow the email got kicked, but it says I am subscribed.

    Any ideas?


  7. I'm sorry about Rocky.Take care. A little late checking in, I am on 757km at the of August. Thank you for being strong and keeping up the pace.

  8. I am now getting everybody's comments in my emails and don't know why or how to stop this. It's only just happened and I haven't altered anything. Any ideas?

    1. Hello Mrs M. Are you the same person as Anon above? I have just sent a query to blogger help desk with Anon's problem and waiting for a reply. Do I need to send another query regarding your problem?

    2. Hi, this is Anon, with not getting your email alerts...(thanks for sending query, hope it is resolved)

      no, am not same as Mrs M.


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