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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Remembering Hilda

Hello. Not another yoootooob vid, had to post this. Jean Alexander who was known to millions as Hilda Ogden has passed away, aged 90. She played a big part in my growing up years, I was an avid watcher of Coronation Street, every Monday and Wednesday at 7.30pm. Everything stopped in our house, we all sat down to watch.

Jean was a fine actress, Hilda was a national institution, loved by millions. Have a nice rest now Jean, you will never be forgotten.

Back later.....


  1. Yes, first seen here as Hilda with her Muriel on the wall, complete with flying ducks, than as Aunty Wainwright; this gracious lady was a brilliant actress. Michelle in Wellington, NZ

    1. Aunty Wainwright, she played that role to perfection. Thank goodness we have Last of the Summer Wine on yoootooob.

  2. The 'Hilda Ogden'/Jean Alexander era was a bit too early for me, but did enjoy that clip. A talented and respected actress. I've been watching Coronation Street for about 10 years(it's the only 'soap' I can bear to watch as it has a good balance of drama and humour), and 'Hilda' is still occasionally mentioned in it. So that says it all - not forgotten. Amanda

  3. Wonderful actress had some laughs watching her.
    Hazel c uk

  4. LOL that gave me a good laugh! I live in America but grew up in England. I remember my mum laughing every time Hilda sang along with the radio! Jean was a very talented actress, she WAS Coronation Street. I'd forgotten about the program so it was fun to watch that clip and see all the 'golden oldies'. RIP Jean.

  5. i don't remember this episode but I think I must have seen it at the time. thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh takes me back I do love my Corrie I've been watching it for as far back as I can remember and like yours everything stopped in our house on a Monday and Wednesday eve. I watched last of the summer wine with my dad we both loved it much to the bemusement of my mum and sister. Sadly dad is no longer with us but last of the summer wine makes me laugh and think of dad lol

  7. They were a great on screen couple. I loved her high pitched whiney singing voice. Brilliant. Rest in peace Mrs O.

  8. Of course I remember her. I've not watched Coronation Street since the 1070s and the clip brought back plenty of memories. I was also gobsmacked to hear she was 90! How time flies by.

  9. Not a Corrie fan, but I did love her as Auntie Wainwright in Last of the Summer Wine.

  10. She said herself that 'Last of the Summer Wine' was the "happiest time of her career". Good thing as she was in that for 22 years. Amazing to be in 2 such great TV series. She travelled by train to and from work for many years so was a regular feature of 'real life' here in Manchester too.

  11. That's where I've seen her...Last of the Summer Wine. We get it on cable here in US. I liked that show! Thanks for sharing!


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