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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

On yer bike

Howdy. The fabric below is from two single beds, washed and ironed. The two larger pieces are from the top, and the smaller pieces are from the sides. Sadly the smaller pieces haven't come out as clean as they should be so won't be suitable for sewing, they will be best used for cleaning cloths. I will find a use for the bigger pieces, maybe they will be turned into cushion covers. 
Did you know that one of our readers is an amazing cyclist, she has been all over Europe on her bike. Brenda writes a blog about her cycling trips, and her fabulous quilting. She set herself a goal of 4000 miles for 2016, and she has cracked it. While we have been walking, Brenda has been cycling, in all weathers, such is her dedication. Well done Brenda. You can read all about her adventures here.

Today I thought about a cycling challenge for myself, perhaps I ought to get on my bike. So here I am having a practice ride. Pump up the tyres, put the front mudguard back on as it fell off ages ago, yellow vest, and elastic bands around my ankles to keep my jog bottoms from getting stuck in the chain. I called in at Paul's house to ask him the best place to buy a helmet, he laughed and said I look like a bin man. Cheek, just because he has got all the right gear.  I stopped by the library van and I got Stan to take my photo. Do I really look like a bin man?

I've been on and worked out a ten mile route. I might do a test ride tomorrow if the weather is dry and not frosty,  to see how long it takes me. If I am going to do this daily, I don't want it to take up more than an hour. Blimey, I'm going to have to pedal pretty fast to do it.

Ginger Bugsy has been to the vet today, he has been off his food for a couple of days. It seems his kidneys are in decline, as he has been drinking a lot. He's had an antibiotic injection to give him a bit of a boost, hope this will stimulate him to eat. It must have had some effect because he was yelling for food when we got back. Lucky that I called in at the small Tesco and picked up a pack of sliced chicken for him, along with some yellow stickers for me. Broccoli, potato salad, and radishes. Bugsy is now snoozing peacefully in front of me.

A parcel arrived today, one of our lovely readers sent me a box with all kinds of crafting type goodies in it. I had fun sorting through everything, Christmas come early. Thank you lovely reader, you are so kind. The thermals will come in very handy, will be able to wear them under my cycling clobber.

Thank you for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. No you don't look like a bin man, you look very sporty! I hope Bugsy enjoys his chicken. Jane xx

  2. If it keeps you from being hit by a car, I'd say who cares whether you look like a bin man? I see loads of the cyclists with all that specialized gear, I doubt they care that to me they look like some kind of science-fiction human-insects!

  3. I do hope Mr Bugsy will be feeling better soon.

  4. Hi Ilona as much as I love your blog, if you take the bike away, you do look like a bit of a bin man. I think it is the high viz vest and dressed all in black. But one look at that gorgeous red hair and you would def not be mistaken for one!!.

  5. Yiu are looking good my dear! Blimey what dies he know? Ha! Enjoy your bike rides. It's been chilly here lately and i have not been on a walk for awhile. Being sick and tired after work doesn't help ar all. Doing my pt exercises though. Glad Bugsby is getting better. Take care!

  6. That is a coincidence. Yesterday, I noticed that my parents' bin man had a high vis vest on. I can quite honestly say, either I've not noticed before or they've just started to wear them in these parts. Natalie

  7. I reckon you'll really enjoy getting out on your bike, you can go loads further than when walking. I used to ride my bike to work every day when I was working, took me half an hour to do three miles, (although part of it was over footpaths through fields so a bit slow in parts). so I think your ten miles might take a bit longer than an hour but it's a great way to get around and see parts you wouldn't normally see.

  8. We used to ride bikes everywhere but don't any longer, I really miss my bike.

  9. Good advert for the library van Ilona, and a lovely photo of you. Hope Bugsy improves, what a pretty cat. I've had many different coloured cats over the years, but never a ginger or a white one.

  10. Hope Bugsy gets well soon, and you don't look a bit like a bin man, you look very fit and sporty. As Christmas approaches, I find more and more inspiration from your blog, and keep re-reading different entries, as a contrast to the rampant commercialism of the season. My local supermarket has taken away the yellow sticker area to make room for all the expensive christmas food, ridiculous.

  11. thanks for the compliment Ilona - now I understand why I had an email to say my stats were booming. must be some of your lovely readers have been having a look at my blog. glad you are trying out your bike. I look like a mobile disco with flashing lights on both my helmet and my bike as well as dressing in high viz. you have to make yourself very noticeable as car drivers are often bike blind. enjoy.

  12. Crikey Ilona. Where did the last month go. I only managed 63 miles but I still have time to catch up yet


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