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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Controlling my blood pressure

Hello. The weather has turned cold today. I took a dog for a walk this morning, I haven't walked Jade for a long time because she has a regular walker, Ken, but he has gone on holiday, so I said I would help out. I told the owner that I don't want to commit to a daily walk, but would help at odd times, and let her know. I said I would do it on Thursday and Saturday, and let her know after that. I don't want to be tied to a routine. Jade is lovely, a rescue dog that walks nicely on the lead and is happy to meet other dogs and people. 
Lunch today was a salad, under the grated cheese is a microwaved spud. I had some houmous with it, which was reduced to 25p. 
Not a very good picture of dinner tonight. I fancied some pasta, haven't had any for ages. I am using up yellow stickers, so in the topping is onions, butternut squash, mangetout peas, broccoli, and mushrooms. And the secret ingredient, Danish Blue cheese. I've made enough for lunch tomorrow, and there is enough pasta for dinner as well. Looks a bit yucky, but it tastes fantastic.

I've been doing a bit of sewing today, have changed the white bits on the picture and coloured them blue. It's looking good. I checked in with Stan on the library this afternoon, returned one book and took two out. He won't be coming for the next two weeks, that's ok, I have plenty of reading matter.

I wasn't going to mention this, but I feel terribly sad for the people of  Germany. What is this world coming to. I try not to write about politics because it won't make one bit of difference to what is going on. It only raises blood pressure, and I don't want lots of people piling in with their views and turning my comments into a punch up. I would rather it stay neutral.. However there is one thought in my head which I will share. 'That bloody woman'. That's it, nothing more to add. Anyone wanting to air their political opinions, do it elsewhere. Thank you.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.

PS. Bugsy has been scoffing tuna fish.


  1. I am home with my ailing cat, a bad toe and feel great sadness and a lot of fear for the state of the world, including those you mention. Best to you, Bugsy and the other members of your animal family.

  2. It was a day of coincidence for me, I am not a religious person but I decided this year I really wanted to go to church to celebrate in a christmas service in some way and I was just looking at the information in the door of our cathedral when I bumped into a friend doing same. We were just in time to go in for the carol service and christmas readings. There were just 2 seats left at the back as if waiting for us. It was packed and it was brilliant. In relation to your comment, I felt it was a time to reflect and a time to make an effort to do what we do; celebrate christmas.

  3. any religion that advocates violence has lost its way. I love Christmas but not the commercial one. just as well as I am now not able to do much but my family are great and our guests will have a lovely lunch with us. I hope you can get on with your sewing project.

  4. Watched the final of "The Shed of the Year" and was so pleased that you won your category - almost as excited as you!! Would have liked you to have won the final but could see why they chose the way they did. I liked the secret door into the children's area - very clever. Audrey from New Zealand.

    1. Hello Audrey. Glad you liked the programme. I knew I wouldn't win the big one, there were sheds better than mine there. Best Budget was a bonus.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Your food looks good. I'm a vegetarian too but I think I eat more than you. Natalie

  7. Food looks scrummy! Glad Bugsy is rallying. SueM

  8. Nice one Bugsy!

    I'm with you on "That bloddy woman" plus a few more expletives!

    Linda xxx

  9. I'd like to echo Deborah W's question please, basically, have you always been slim, do you snack between meals, and how do you look so slim, healthy & amazing, and is there any hope for the rest of us???!!! Also, could we please have a slightly more detailed recipe for the veg & blue cheese concoction? It looks gorgeous! x

  10. Good to read that Bugsy has been tucking in.

  11. Horrific news. The pasta looks wonderful, I'm pleased you mentioned the Danish blue, that really would give it a creamy tasty kick. Good little Bugsy, someone else mentioned I'm sure, if he falters again on eating to try fish in tomato sauce, but hopefully all will be well now and you won't have to try it. Amanda

  12. That bloody woman indeed - and I know exactly who you mean. I do wonder how she could have been so naive.


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