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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Let's go Down The Lane

Hello. I'm going to be a bit busy today, so here is a little something to read to keep you going. You may not have seen it before. Down the Lane boss Richard, has written an article about me, it's on his web site. There are other articles about frugal living, links are on the sidebar to the left. You might want to take a look at those as well while you are there.

The Simple Life

I am taking part in his Frugal February project on the forum. It's in the form of diaries by various forum members. You already know about my frugal ways, but you might like to read how other people are tackling their bid to save money. You don't need to join to read, but if you want to go into the members section at the bottom of the main menu, you will have to join.

Frugal February

I'll leave you to it, have a nice day. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Thankyou. I really look forward to reading and learning from Down the lane. I read your feature and, as always, felt inspired to continue my frugal journey and know that I can be happy with less "stuff" in my life. Bless you - Tam

  2. Brilliant article and the site looks very interesting I shall have a good look at it later, thanks for sharing Ilona x

  3. Congratulations! shared that post on G+ and my Facebook page. Love your life style and I am regular reader of your blog.

    1. Thank you, I am chuffed that you visit my blog. xxx

  4. hi there,
    been enjoying your articles on your walks...thank you.

    ran across this article, they say these exist in England, but I don't recall you running across any?

    interesting history of them..

    1. Helo Anon. I've had a look at that web site. The only sunken lanes I have come across are narrow tarmac roads, one vehicle wide. I haven't seen any sunken footpaths, except those in Derbyshire where the ruts are caused by many years of farm machinery running over them.

      The web site says most of these sunken lanes are in the south of England. I haven't done much walking down there. Interesting. I shall be looking out for them from now on.

    2. Meanqueen, thanks for the reply...I was very surprised to read about these, had never heard of them. I am not from England, but do like to read about it.

      I shall be interested if you come across some, hopefully see some pics.

      Myself, am not so sure I "buy" the explanation for these....that they have sunk that far down due to folks walking. Seems to me, if that were the case, it would have to be sort of "boggy", and then more areas would sink. For about the roads?

  5. um, am not 'anonymous'. However this interetty thingo is a curious phenomenon.
    So, allow me to try and explain why am here. Have no real idea how Womby's drivel turned up on John Gray's blog - but have noticed increased 'traffic' on it.
    OK, one of my 'visitors' registered by 'statcounter' indicated that it came from 'Lincolnshire'. Bear with me so far. Apparently one of my ancestors was born in Maxey, Lincolnshire. Is that anywhere near you?

    Sorry to intrude. David Hursthouse.

    1. Hello Davoh. I'm glad you are not anonymous, it's very confusing with so many people not putting their names to comments.

      I don't know of a Maxey, but there is a Haxey not far from here. It's near Epworth, which is a small town between Scunthorpe and Doncaster. Haxey is a small village.

  6. Being a chicken keeper, I originally found you on D.T.L. I check in there every day.


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