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Monday, 13 February 2017

Save money on your alcohol.

Hello. I buy a four pack of cider from Aldi for about £2, probably every four to six weeks. The pear cider is very nice. I drink very little alcohol and regard it as a treat. The cider can sit in my cupboard for ages, I only drink it when I fancy it, not because it's there. So, this post is about how you can save money on your alcohol. 
This secret I will share with you in the form of a short video, so take a look if you are spending too much on your booze. You will also find there are health benefits if you adopt my method.

My dinner yesterday was a bit of this and a bit of that. A mixed bag. I don't care if these foods are not normally served on the same plate, my meals are whatever I have in, mix and match. I bought a lettuce on a yellow sticker for 14p. The last of the cottage cheese which was ten days out of date. The last of the pasta salad also ten days out of date. A few mushrooms from a normal price punnet. One spud in the microwave, from a big bag. Two Lincolnshire style veggie sausages. Plus a dollop of mayo. It was bloomin lovely. 
Thank you very much for your comments on Sam's post yesterday. I haven't had an email from him yet, so maybe he doesn't get online every day.

Crafty Club this morning was good, another new lady started. It's cold out but I have done my three mile walk. I managed to get one in last night after it finally stopped raining.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. I am completely tee total. My various doctors have, in fact, recommend that I do drink a little FOR MY HEALTH. I have a poor appetite - a small sherry evidently increases your appetite. A little drink has been also recommended to make me more calm and relaxed (depression and bi polar). They've all said that small amounts do no harm at all (even with my bi )and is beneficial but is NOT if you are alcoholic. They've also said that conversely, smoking in little amounts does no one any good. About 20 years ago I was in hospital and was given a small "tincture". When my ex husband came out of intensive care in 97 he was given pints of Guiness. My Mother in the 60's was given alcohol after having me in hospital. Thoughts of what is good for you certainly do come come and go.

    1. My great auntie is 94 and drinks a glass of whiskey every night and has done for years. My mother asked her doctor if it was OK with the tablets she is taking and his reply was 'If I could put it on prescription I would!'. Moderation is the key.

  2. Or put a splash of lemonade in it . Why does cheap lemonade stay fizzy longer than the dearer stuff...uh. ?

  3. Love the way you enjoy your booze. I love to have some wine once in a while. It is usually one of the local wines, about $10 on a bottle. Not an every week kind of thing. Once in a while, when I really really think I need to have it, I will buy. Hope, Sam will read your post and send an email to you soon.

  4. I think it's all about responsible drinking; in youth one suddenly is allowed this alcoholic substance (18 years in the UK) and some can't consume enough at weekends etc then, when maturity sets in usually it can be moderated and controlled. Sometimes, unfortunately, some people develop alcoholism (which I deem an 'illness') and it can be a very serious problem. What makes me absolutely furious - rant starting - is why, oh why, do garages/motorway stops, stock alcohol? We have 24-hour shopping now in the UK, there is in my opinion no need at all to offer booze when re-fuelling a car, keep the two separate, most folk are responsible but that to me is just plain stupid to tempt the minority. Alcohol should be respected (many enjoy a social drink with no problems) but as a society we really have a lot to learn I think (just my opinion). Amanda

  5. I think the same is true of food - eat at a measured pace (I think it's called 'mindfully' nowadays) and savour what you eat. Meals will taste better and, apparently, will be more filling, especially if you chew carefully. I wish I could always practise what I preach!

    Have you heard about the solid gold items related to Scunthorpe's history which have been buried around the town? Artworks in the 20-21 gallery contain codes which when solved reveal the location of the hidden treasure.
    Guess who went away on a walking weekend over the last couple of days? Distance walked - nil! Much better day today so managed to catch up a bit.
    Have a good week, Vicki

  6. Love reading about your yellow sticker shopping. I have 3 tubs of cottage cheese that are a week out-of-date today so hopefully they will still be all right as yours are 10 days old! My meals often have odd combinations but buying yellow stickered stuff means you get great variety as there are always different things reduced. Been reading your blog for a long time and love your money saver ways!

  7. I like "buffet" plates with a little bit of this and some of that. So I'm with you there. I don't drink though, it doesn't go with the drugs I have to take. Do I miss it? Yes, now and again, but it's no big deal.

  8. Just wondering how many 'takes' you took to do your video - you seemed to be very merry after a few sips - did the can last you the full 3 hours? hic hahahaa

  9. I make my own wine (mostly from home grown fruit) but the problem is, when I open a bottle, usually once a week, I tend to be greedy. I will give your method a try, if only for my health's sake.

  10. nice video, reminds me of Ice Cold in Alex, one of my favourite films. yes it's called mindfulness, taking time and really putting a mental effort into everyday events.

  11. I can savour red wine and make a glass last all evening. But cider and lager goes down like pop, as does prosecco. I like your thinking though.

  12. brilliant video! hilarious!! for me at the moment, I imagine a glass of chilled vino somewhere (almost anywhere) where it's warm!!

  13. I loved your video! I watched it whilst drinking my Jack/diet soda. Sipped, not gulped.

  14. My computer connection is usually too slow to watch videos, so I'll just take a guess: is the way to "save money on your alcohol" to, erm, "drink less alcohol"? ;)
    Hope you're having a lovely day, Ilona!


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